RR Litter

RR Litter
Whelped 6/11/19: 4 bicolor males, 1 bicolor female; 1 black female

Mr. Green (Rudi) went to Wisconsin for obedience competition and Schutzhund. Miss Pink (Sadie) went to Pennsylvania for agility and obedience competition and therapy dog work. Miss Gray (Duchess) went to NW Montana, Mr. Blue (Ruger) went to southern Wyoming and Mr. Purple (Kaiser) went to Colorado as pets. Mr. Brown (Radik) went to Colorado as a pet and hopefully therapy dog.  

Radik (Celhaus Radik of Eagle Vista RI) at 3 years
Name Story:  Radik is German/Czech for “Famous ruler” and is pronounced “Rah-deek”.
“We’re on a long camping trip, currently in Arkansas, and he’s met so many people that love him💕. Our next-door campers lost their 15-year-old mastiff just recently and Radik just sat with man and let the man pet him, and pet him, and pet him. And his wife gave him treats and talked and talked to him.  It was very sweet.  He is such a good boy and is friendly to all people and all dogs he meets (except the grumpy ones and I don’t let him near those).  We love him so very much.  Thank you for being such a wonderful breeder!”

Radik at 2 years 11 months
“Radik on a camping trip with us through Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Texas.  He travels great and has not once tried to hurt any of the many ill-mannered dogs that have come charging out at us (one even slightly nipped the back of my leg!).  He is protective of the truck and camper though.”
Photo 1:  “Radik in front of the Missouri River.”
Photo 2: “Radik at a campground in KS where he kept a careful eye on those buffalo.”

Ruger (Celhaus Ruger Wesley George) at 3 years 
“”Instead of a party hat, Ruger got a birthday tie.  He cracks me up with his smile.  Haley said it looks like he’s going for a job interview.”

Ruger (Celhaus Ruger Wesley George) at 2 years 11 months
“”I had to share these because Ruger cracks me up.  The dogs went to the groomer and he must have been feeling good.  He looks like he’s smiling with those bottom teeth.”

Kaiser (Celhaus Romeo Stole My Heart CD, BN, RE, RAE, RM, PT, FDC, SWN, SIA (AKC Advanced Interiors), SEA (AKC Advanced Exteriors), CGC, TN, RATS) at 2 years 11 months
6/22/22:  “Kai finished his Advanced Exteriors title last weekend.” 
“Helping unload after a goat show. How can three years have flown by?? Thanks for the birthday 🥳 wishes, we will celebrate this amazing boy today (well, every day!).  Just got this notice:  ‘The GSDCA Performance Statistics Committee has completed analysis of the 2021 Obedience Ratings and are pleased to inform you that Celhaus Romeo Stole My Heart was determined to be the 2nd dog in the Novice A class.’”

Kaiser at 2 years 11 months
“These two had a busy weekend!  Kai had his 12th QQQ with 94 in Masters, a perfect 100 in excellent for a blue ribbon, and a 96 in advanced at the Timberline Basset Hound show today.  After we played in obedience and rally on Friday, we spent Saturday and Sunday at the first Longs Peak Dog Training Club Scentwork Trial at Front Range Community College. It was a great venue, everyone was so nice, just a lovely, sunny, cool weekend! Kai went Saturday and qualified in 3 of 4 elements (missed buried, we struggle with that!). Kai and Ellie both went on Sunday for Ellie’s scentwork debut. Kai got a leg in containers and FINALLY our first buried leg.  Kai is now titled in Advanced Interiors, has 2 legs in Advanced Exteriors and Advanced Containers, and one leg in Advanced Buried.  We weren’t super-fast but they remembered their indications and did a fantastic job sorting out the odor puzzles.
Photo 1:  “Ribbons from the nosework trial”
Photos 2-4:  “At the rally/obedience trial.”

“Kaiser in Rally at Timberline Basset trial on 5/20.”

Kaiser at 2 years 9 months
“These photos are from his Open A run on March 19.”

Kaiser at 2 years 7 months
Our show was overall great. The highlights are, we got our first perfect 100 score on a Rally Master course.  We finished our RAE and our Rally Master title. We got High Triple that day too!  We now have 11 Triple Q’s and 205 points, although 56 are master points so we will need a few shows showing just master after our Triple Qs are done. I still lose his energy a bit in the ring, especially in the 2nd and 3rd day. We came utterly close to qualifying in Open A twice but each time something wasn’t adequate.  He does his change of positions anywhere perfectly…except the ring.  It’s the down to sit, two of the days that was the only thing in our way (he did it with a second command). The last show the *one* thing was drop on recall, which thankfully went well all days.  Well, that’s it!  Another one in the books.  He’s a very good boy indeed.”

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Sadie (Celhaus Rhapsody in Black) at 2 years 6 months
“Sadie got her first title in Obedience this fall – Beginner Novice.  She took 1st place at GSD Club trials in September (197 1/2); 2nd in trials in October (194) and 3rd place (190) at our trials in November.  She also got a leg for Novice B at our November trials. Unfortunately 2 other attempts she NQ’d.  She is also doing well in Agility and will enter her first trial next week (12/18).  Our agility instructor just loves Sadie – great temperament, great drive, smart by her estimation.  Give Cantor and Lovely a big hug from us and tell them ‘Thanks for Sadie’!” 

Sadie at 1 year 6 months
“Sadie doing agility contacts; Sadie in the snow.”

Duchess (Celhaus Royalty) at 2 years 6 months
“Enjoying the snow.”

Duchess at 2 years
Photo 1:  “Duchess asks Duke to play.”
Photo 2:  “Uncle Duke declined her invitation to play.” 
Photo 3:  “If Duchess would share their bones, maybe her uncles will play with her.”

Ruger at 2 years 2 months
Photo 1:  I had to share this picture because I love it.  This was during a hike we did near Laramie Peak.  At 2.5 miles in, we found this stream and the girls and Ruger played for over an hour.
Photo 2:  And this one cracks me up.  First day back to school and it looks like there is a pumpkin between the two girls.  But it’s Ruger photo-bombing them with a ball.
Photo 3:  He always has an eye on his girls.  Building a chicken coop/run and he was there the whole time.
Photo 4:  Belly rubs for days!
Photo 5:  On our way to go visit grandma for the day. Ruger was excited to go.  My grandpa with Alzheimer’s was there and he enjoyed Ruger so much that day!
Photo 6:  I was really tired after work one day so I decided to take a cat nap.  I knew Ruger jumped up on the bed and was napping also.  When I woke up, I didn’t want to roll over, knowing he would move.  So I snapped a picture over my shoulder and this is what he looked like. He makes me laugh.
Photo 7:  Best friends 

Ruger at 2 years
Photos 1-3:  “Birthday boy!”
Photo 4:  “This is Ruger being sweet and snuggly. He leans into our hand and gives puppy eyes.”
Photos 5-7:  “He loves his girls.”
Photo 8:  “A fun walk”

Ruger at 1 year 11 months
Photo 1:  “We did a hike up at Veedawoo a couple of weeks ago.”
Photo 2:  “Justin is doing landscaping for a personal runway in our subdivision and I’ve been helping him.  We take the dogs with us and they love it.  It’s like take-your-dog-to-work day.”
Photo 3:  “This is his favorite ball.  It goes everywhere.”
Photo 4:  “He was feeling left out from the last day of school pictures.  So we had to take another.”
Photo 5:  “We started to play a game of Go Fish and ended with everyone taking a nap.”
Photo 6:  “We went on a hike near Snowy Range for Mother’s Day.”

Kaiser (Celhaus Romeo Stole My Heart CD, BN, RE, PT, FDC, SWN, SIA, CGC, TN, RAT5) at 2 years 3 months
Photos 1-4:  We’ve been at a dog show in Estes today.  It went well.  I’m having a hard time deciding when to move up into Open (this was my 4th novice leg).  I might move up for Sunday and then I’ll know if we just aren’t ready (he knows the exercises at home/training class at least).   Part of me was hoping for a super solid Novice run before we moved up, like the two first ones I had that unfortunately were NQ due to group exercise (the astroturf hypnosis!).  This boy is perfect with his auto sits in practice but in a show, we miss some.  Also his recall is almost always perfect and enthusiastic and as you can see it was not perfect today.
I think some of that is we’ve been working on transitions (for Open) so I think he was a little uncertain he was doing the right thing.  Also I’ve been trying to play with him at shows more, trying to make it fun and encourage him to be “up” because without treats or balls involved he can get a bit flat and I don’t want him to decide that the obedience ring is no fun.  Whatever the case I was certainly surprised.
11/6:  Kai finished his Rat Senior title today with 3 first places and a high in class!  We also got our first Master leg.  I’m super excited.  And everyone exclaimed how great he is, beautiful and a hard worker who loves his job!  He got celebratory Culver’s treats today. “

Kaiser at 2 years 1 month
Photos 1-5:  This weekend Kai was entered in the Central Wyoming Kennel Club show in Casper, WY.  It was our first attempt at many things, including doing a multi-day show living out of the LQ trailer, Open A obedience, Master level of rally and Triple Q’s (this involves entering the dog in 3 levels of rally in the same trial resulting in lots of runs!).  Well, I am beyond thrilled and surprised by the success we enjoyed!  Kai went High Combined 3 times, High Triple Score 3 times, and High Point dog in rally over the 3 days/5 trials.  He has 5 Triple Q’s (he needs 20 for his RACH or rally champion title), 90 points toward the 300 needed, and 21 Master points out of the 150 needed.  To top all this off he qualified in Open A obedience today.  We floated home from WY on cloud 9, and I rolled the red carpet out for him when we got home (lol)!  To say I’m proud of this special boy is an understatement, he’s a rock star…The Big Cheese”
Photos 6-7:  I just realized I have a couple more cute pictures of Kai.  These were in celebration of our success in Casper, WY.  Every high combined or high triple I didn’t win, Emma did with Pazuzu.  So Julie had a party with a frosted cookie and all for both of us! 

“We went to a barn hunt at the recently-relocated Matrix Dog.  Our Kaiser finished his Rat Open title with a first-place finish!  Next we did Crazy 8’s and he got 5 rats and tunnel/climb.  He moved up to Rat Senior and came SO close to getting a leg.  In open there are only two rats to find, in senior it goes up to 4.  He did his climb, the more advanced tunnel (two 90 degree turns so it’s darker) and found 3 out of 4 rats when we timed out.  But he tried and we will get there.” 

Rudi (Celhaus Rudolph) at 1 year 4 months
Name story: Rudolph, loosely translated, means well-known wolf.

Rudi is enjoying being “big brother” to Ava, from the SS litter.”
1st photo: watching the squirrels.
Rudi and Ava are doing well.  Ava is growing up quickly – physically and mentally.  She’s such a pretty girl and is quite a thinker.  She was a hit in her puppy class – again, had the instructor tell me she was impressed and had been telling the other instructors about her.  She was great with the other puppies and just approaches everything with a calm confidence.  Rudi tends to be the “goof” and Ava the watcher.  They are well matched – she stands up for herself and they have a ton of fun playing.  Rudi continues to be the perfect big brother!!  As I write this, they are sharing the job of shredding a flossy bone – one on each end.

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