TT Litter

TT Litter
Lovely bred to Cantor
Whelped 10/3/20:  five males and five females

Mr. Green (“Kellan”) went to New York to compete in nosework and will also train in agility, herding, and be a therapy dog – her second dog from me.  Miss Yellow (“Taryn”) went to New York to compete in obedience, agility, nosework and possibly tracking & Schutzhund. Mr. White (“Jax”) went to Washington, DC to be a service dog for a veteran, while my friend Laurie took Mr. Brown (“Talon”) to her home in southeast WY to train him as a service dog whom we will place with a handler once he’s completed all his training (like she did with Quizz from the QQ litter).  Miss Pink (“Lucca”) went to Montana to be a companion – her second dog from me.  Miss Lilac (“Elsa”) went to southwest WY to be a companion and therapy dog.  Miss Orange (“Tirzah”) went to Colorado to be a companion and Reading Dog (therapy dog for children).  Mr. Blue (“Maximus”) and Mr. Turquoise (“Gunnar”) went to California to a family who already have or had 4 of my dogs; Mr. Blue went to the parents while Mr. Turquoise went to one of the adult sons.  Miss Tan (“Roxanne”) went to southern Colorado for Search & Rescue.

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this is a repeat of the RR litter

follow Talon’s Service Dog Training Log (updated weekly)

Kellan (Celhaus Truehearted Kellan) at 11 weeks
the former Mr. Green

“He is settling in great. Can’t believe it’s been a week. He is such a sweet pup. He now sits on command. He will sit automatically before he comes out of crate or x-pen. He’s starting to retrieve. Trying to get pictures of him playing with everyone.  I’m not getting a lot done around here because I’m playing with him.”

Kellan at 10 weeks
After our very long day in the air on Saturday, we were finally back in Rochester.  Kellan settled in.  He went from 9 to 3:40am when my old female needed to go out. So I took him out and he did his business. We all went back to bed. Yeah!  He has checked out the house and we played with some toys. He loves hugs and he’s getting a lot of those.   How can you not love this face?

Jax (Celhaus Triumph) at 11 weeks
the former Mr. White

“Jax has been awesome, and is doing great with training. He is so focused and such a hard worker. As well as a sweet snuggle buddy and an all-around hilarious guy. He is such a happy pup.”

Jax at 10 weeks

1st 3 photos:  “Those ears are coming up!  First time in the woods with his brothers and he had NO FEAR.  He ran after them into the water and had a great time exploring.”
Last 3 photos:  “Mello sniffing the air and Jax thrilled to grab his tug.  Was there ever a better picture showing a hound vs a GSD?”

2nd photo:  “We did our first session of “sit on the dog,” which I use as an exercise to help dogs settle independently, and he rocked it!  6 minutes into the exercise he realized he should just chill and he went to sleep!  He is soooo smart and fun to work with!  It’s basically where you sit down in a chair and have our dog’s leash attached to the chair and you wait for them to settle and then set a timer for a certain amount of time.  It’s great for all dogs but especially for service dogs!”  (Cel’s note:  same thing as the long down by your side as you read or watch TV that I recommend in my puppy mailings.)
3rd & 4th photos:  “Jax helped Max celebrate his 30th tonight!  He is so good!  Practiced engagement and settling and he blew everyone away with his cute face and great manners.  We love him so much we have to get our own Celhaus shepherd after we raise Jax!  I don’t think I can live without one!”  (Cel’s note:  she’s raising/training Jax to be a service dog for a family member.)

Gunnar (Celhaus Tyrion) at 10 weeks

“Morning playtime”

Elsa (Celhaus Trinity) at 10 weeks
the former Miss Lilac

Name Story: Elsa is a  German name meaning “Pledge to God”. 

“She is going to be quite a runner.  I have never seen a puppy run like her.  Both ears are completely up now and she is getting longer.
She is really quite a beauty. She had a bath last Friday and her coat is so pretty.”

Elsa at 9 weeks
“Puppy played hard today after her training session.  Already getting bigger and doing well.  She is quite and athlete and has a big personality.  She runs like a jet.”

Tirzah (Celhaus Treasured Tirzah) at 10 weeks
the former Miss Orange

1st photo:  “We have gone to the library now for the third time.  
Last photo:  “She worked until she coudl get into this tight space!””
Meeting new people helps reinforce her manding – she is doing great with greeting, jumps very little and quickly sits and looks up.”

“Tirzah is recognizing when she needs to go out to potty. We have a dog yard that is her area to do her business.  She now stops playing and runs to her yard to eliminate and runs back out to continue playing.”

Kellan (Celhaus Truehearted Kellan) and Taryn (Celhaus Taryn) at 10 weeks, in a Billings motel before flying to New York the next morning
The former Mr. Green and Miss Yellow 

“Kellan & Taryn in the hotel trying to meet the pups in the mirror.  What good pups they were at the hotel & in all 4 airports. They rode on a transport vehicle – elevators & through the flashing music-space-like-tunnel at Detroit airport. They walked ahead of us on leash & drew a lot of attention as they pranced proudly through the crowds & they slept on the plane too. “

Taryn (Celhaus Taryn) at 10 weeks
the former Miss Yellow

Photo 1:  “Taryn at home.  I just love her!!!”
Photo 2:  “Merry Christmas, love from Tarryn!”
Photo 3:  “Taryn playing in the woods. She is so funny – as soon as I get the phone out, she sits and poses!”
Photo 4:  “Watching Star, the horse.”
Photo 5:  “after all her adventures”

Lucca (Celhaus Thankful in Montana) at 10 weeks
the former Miss Pink

Name Story:  Lucca is a Military Service K9 who was was trained to locate EIDs.  Top Dog is a book about her, written by her main and second handlers.  She was adopted by her main handler after an injury forced her retirement.
Playtime and its aftermath

Maximus (Celhaus Trooper) and Gunnar (Celhaus Tyrion) at 10 weeks
The former Mr. Blue and Mr. Turquoise

Talon (Celhaus Take It to the Limit) at 10 weeks
the former Mr. Brown
Talon is being trained to be a service dog.  See his training log (updated weekly)

“Retrieving in the arena”

Maximus and Gunnar at 9 weeks, newly arrived at Gunner’s house

Kellan (Celhaus Truehearted Kellan) and Taryn (Celhaus Taryn) at 9 weeks, in a Billings motel before flying to New York the next morning
The former Mr. Green and Miss Yellow 

Tirzah at 9 weeks

We are doing great, starting to find a schedule and getting into a routine.  We’ve met the grandparents, we’ve gone down to the library and met people down there.  She did great.  We are starting to learn to walk on a leash.  She waits at the door to come in and waits at the door to come out.  We are very impressed with her willingness to learn.  And she has very good social behavior with new people.  The vet has a play date group with puppies that we might try out depending on covid restrictions.  We absolutely love her!  I have to let you know that she’s doing great at night.  She sleeps from about 10:30 – 6:30 or 7 in the morning.  It’s great!  That cotton rope is absolutely her favorite toy; she chases after it like a cat.  She just loves it.

Jax at 9 weeks
Things are going SO WELL here. Bite inhibition, potty training, crate training, socializing, snuggling, loose leash walking, retrievals, grooming, this guy is exceeding all my expectations!  We are SMITTEN with him!

“This is the most handsome puppy!”

Lucca at 9 weeks

Tirzah at 9 weeks

Roxanne (Celhaus Turn On Your Red Light Roxanne) at 9 weeks
the former Miss Tan

12/19/20:  “Miss Roxanne continues to enjoy her life.  She has attended K9 team training for the last two weeks and has had opportunities to meet lots of people and other team dogs.  We are working on our basic obedience and having fun!”
12/13/20:  “She is doing super well!   Rusty adores her!  He has figured out how to play with her even if she is in her crate.  He will grab the edge of her blanket and start pulling it out of her crate and she will also grab it inside her crate and they will play tug.  Pretty funny.”
12/11/20:  “The deputies loved visiting with Roxanne and she was bold and friendly.  She saw an empty can in a parking lot and barked at it.  I threw a few treats near it so she went and investigated it.  Fun!  I also began imprinting her on human remains.  She is having a great time.”
12/9/20:  “She is doing really well.  She absolutely loves to tug with her big brother and play chase.  I, of course, step in when they get to crazy so there are no injuries or accidents.  It’s nice that she is so food oriented, making basics very easy.”
12/8/20:  “My big guy loves her.  We went to visit another SAR member where Roxanne was trying to “help” some folks who were building a shop.  She met a horse and “told” it a thing or two. Small blocks of wood were pounced on and killed.   Home, lunch and rest.”