LOVELY (Celhaus Love Every Living Thing)

whelped 3/16/16, one of the LL Litter (GloryToo bred to Quasi)

OFA Prelims at 1 year:   hips good, elbows normal
PennHip at 1 year:  95th Percentile!!!!, .25 left; .24 right

see photos

shown at 20 weeks


All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.
Cecil Frances Alexander (1818-1895)

Lovely has been campaigning for me to keep her since her eyes opened, but I didn’t plan to keep her since I had kept a pup from the JJ litter (Mercy).  When she and her brother were still here at 9 weeks, I decided to give them temporary call names rather than continue calling them by their collar colors as I do for litters.  Since she’s from the LL liter, I wanted an “L” call name so as not to confuse people who were looking for a pup.  On a visit with her to Westview (a local nursing home), I engaged the residents in thinking of a good name for her.  They decided overwhelmingly on “Lovey”, but I didn’t think it quite fit her, though she is a very affectionate, loving pup.  I finally decided to call her “Lovely,” because she IS gorgeous, very graceful and fluid in movement with an arresting face and expression.   For some reason she continually makes me think of these two favorite poems.

 He prayeth well, who loveth well,
Both man and bird and beast.
He prayeth best who loveth best,
All things both great and small.
For the dear God who loveth us,
He made and loveth all.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

When I finally gave in and decided I’d better keep her since she has incredibly nice drives and is so athletic, I then had to come up with a name for her.  I kept mentally reciting the top poem every time I thought about a registered name.  I really wanted to register her as Celhaus Love All Creatures Great And Small, from the people.  I could do it with AKC, but UKC (United Kennel Club, which is the venue for competing in nosework) will only allow 30 letters.  I finally settled on Celhaus Love Every Living Thing.  The first poem was used by James Herriot to name his series of books about his adventures as a veterinarian, books I love and have read over and over.  All Creatures Great and Small was his first book.  The succeeding books each bore the name of another phrase of the poem.  His fifth and last book was Every Living Thing, so at least Lovely’s name fits the theme I wanted to use.

Lovely is 6th generation of my female line and could be considered a sister to Mercy, since she shares the same sire and the girls’ mothers were litter sisters.  The only difference in the pedigree is the mother name.  She is also almost identical in looks so once she’s grown I’m sure I’ll have a hard time telling the two apart.  Her eyes are slightly darker and ears slightly larger, but otherwise they could be twins.  It will be fun watching for similarities and differences as they grow up, train and eventually produce pups.







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