WW Litter

WW Litter
Lovely bred to Cantor 
This is a repeat of the RR and TT litters. 
(The last repeat of this combination, the ZZ litter, was whelped 6/16/23) 
Whelped 1/16/22:  2 black and tan females and 1 black male
Miss Green (now “Shiloh”) went to Colorado for competition and therapy dog work.  Miss Pink (now “Rainey”) went to Utah for therapy dog work.  Mr. Purple (now “Porter”) stayed here and, as a therapy dog, will help his owner in his counseling work.  

Porter (Celhaus Wyoming’s Pitch Black Porter) at 1 year 3 months
7/9/23:  “Just now sending you this photo of Porter and Echo (from the MM litter) finishing off the winter.”

Rainey (Celhaus Walk Beside Me Rain or Shine) at 1 year 5 months
WW1yr5mos-Rainey1-7:  “Rainey playing with Q-Tip, my grandson’s 5-week-old kitten.  She’s very gentle with Q-Tip.  He has had her for a week.  A homeless guy was trying to sell her for drugs.  Dominick, who works at a drug rehab facility, talked him into giving her to him.  She was pretty dehydrated and skin and bones.  We have ben nursing her back to health.  Dominick has been staying here with me while we nurse her back to health and I show him how to care for her.  With Rainey’s help, of course.  She comes and gets me when she hears her crying, wanting to eat.  She lies next to her crate.  She’s such a good girl!  I love her so much.”
Photo 3:  “She’s sharing her favorite toy!”
Photos 4-6 (7/6/23):  “Rainey sharing food and water with Q-Tip, as well as her favorite toy even though it’s bigger than Q-Tip is.  Disclaimer:  No kitten was eating dog food or injured in these photos!”

Shiloh (Celhaus Wind in Wyoming) at 1 year 4 months
Photo 1:  “Shiloh got a new toy yesterday.  She won’t put it down.”
Photo 2:  “This picture makes me laugh.  She doesn’t steal food from the table, but she really knows how to beg.”

Shiloh at 1 year 3 months
 (Cel’s note:  They attended the Dave Kroyer Nosework seminar on June 2-3, working on the first day – which was for beginners – and auditing the 2nd day – which was for dogs competing.  I still haven’t had time to start editing seminar photos.)
5/6/23:  “Katina & I met at a school this morning and did a bunch of nosework in the ball fields.  Shiloh and I are still very much beginners, but Katina said we were on a par with some of the beginners from last year.”
“Katina and I met out in the rain this evening for nosework.  Shiloh doesn’t mind the rain at all.  I often see the results of your training with Shiloh (as a baby).  She isn’t afraid to try anything new.  She uses her brain to figure stuff out.  And she is a joy to be around.”

Rainey at 1 year 2 months
Photo 1:  “Ball time, Mom.”
Photo 2:  “Watching the ball in my hand.  She wants me to throw it.”
Photo 3:  “On a down stay.”
Photo 4: “Rainey ready to jump when I throw her purple holy roller ball.  I can’t believe how fast she is or how high she can jump.  She’s very intense.  Extremely focused until I tell her we’re done playing and she has this look of horror on her face.  Then she lies next to me and gives a big sigh.  She’s so darned funny.  Tons of personality for sure.” 

Shiloh at 1 year 2 months
“Shiloh has matured so much in the last few months. She will come to me in the yard any time I call her when we are playing. She is learning “stop, sit, down, and back” when she is going after her balls or bringing them back to me. I love that I can have her sit when she is over 25 yards away from me. We do off lead work in the yard too and she is so excited to show me what she can do.  She still isn’t thrilled when it is time to go into the house, but all I have to do is tell her playtime is over and she heads up the stairs. We have also been going to Rally group every Monday. She enjoys it but after running the same course a couple times I can see she is ready for a new challenge. She can look at me like, “been here, done this, ready for something new.” And she isn’t barking at the dogs there anymore. It is a different group of dogs every week. She is getting much better about lying on her bed and watching all the action. On our walks, I still have to keep an eye on her, but she is improving all the time.  She loves people of all ages. Isn’t afraid of canes or wheelchairs. We will be working on our Canine Good Citizen over the next few months. Julie says she just needs to get a little better with the other dogs and she will be more than ready.”
Photo 1:  “Shiloh after telling me I needed to be paying attention to her, not painting the bathroom door…”
Photo 3: “Shiloh is so much more mature than she was even a month ago.  She still looks at other dogs and wants to bark, but she will look at me now instead of lunging at the dog.  Baby steps, but I am so proud of her.”

Porter (Celhaus Wyoming’s Pitch Black Porter) at 1 year
 “Porter continues to LOVE playing ball. He also enjoys outings to Home Depot and Tractor Supply. I took him to Scheels during the chaos of Christmas shopping and he did so well; nothing phased him at all, and several people asked if he was a service dog. He’s getting more and more affectionate, rather than just wanting to play nonstop, which I sure enjoy. He does exceptionally well at dog parks, even when other dogs are rude, and he’s a joy off leash out in nature, never making me worry. Even in the cold, he loves getting in the river and can swim fine but still needs to figure out that he can’t both breathe and bite the water at the same time. He’s pretty lean and weighing about 80 pounds. He definitely has some filling out to do, though. To this day, he’s never chewed anything up, other than the many toys he chomps through. He gets along great with his sister, Echo, even though he wants to roughhouse more than she does. Overall, he’s an excellent dog and has been a joyful addition to our lives.”
Photo 1: “All dressed up with his Christmas bow tie”
Photo 2: “His first trip to Luminous, a local brewery, was a success.  The loud crowd and smack of the pool balls didn’t bother him a bit.” 
Photo 3: “He loves the cold and the snow.”
Photos 4-6: “He helped pick the perfect Christmas tree.”
Photos 7-8:  “With Echo.”
Photos 9-10:  “More snow photos.”
Photo 11:  “He enjoys long car rides.”

Rainey at 1 year
1/9/23:  “2022 has been a rough year to say the least. Rainey has been my biggest blessing, she’s made the year much brighter.  Cel, she’s such a good girl and so smart it’s unbelievable.”
1/10/23:  “I can’t tell how lucky I feel to have Rainey. I feel like the chance to get a Lovely/Cantor puppy was running thin. As I’ve said in the past, she’s the best dog I’ve ever had.”
1/16/23:  “Good Morning Cel, Rainey is a year old today, and my does time fly. I’m reflecting back at how hard you worked to keep her and her siblings alive since they were born 4 days early. Every day I thank you and feel blessed to have her.  She’s everything I could have hoped for and more.  I love this girl so much.  She’s funny, sweet, super smart and beautiful.  We plan to have a special day today.  Love, Debbie and Rainey”
Photo 1:  Rainey’s 1-year birthday photo.  I’m not an expert on the breed but everyone who meets Rainey is so impressed with her.  And they are more familiar with the breed than I am.”
Photo 2:  “Rainey kicked back on my bed last night.”

Rainey at 11 months
“Rainey at Christmas wearing her gift (the big bow) from her godmother, Courtney.”

Rainey at 10 months
“Cat napping on the stairs.  Such a silly girl!  Rainey’s doing great. She gets a little amped up at times so we’re still working on impulse control. For the most part she’s great. She’s still incredibly sweet and is friends with everyone. Last week we went to visit the boys at Vic’s work and a few of them said she made them feel better with our visit. The boys said things are a lot different since Vic has been gone – a lot more stress for them. The manager of that store said just having her there and interacting with her for a while really reduced his stress and asked if I could bring her again. Of course, I said I would.  She’s such a good girl.
“My nephew was here Sunday for dinner and found a lot of comfort while interacting with her. He does IT security and asked if I can bring her to his work one Wednesday to visit with his coworkers. I plan on taking her the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. She’s truly a special girl and I feel blessed to have her. She’s also very goofy. That may be part of her charm.”
On 10/27:  Rainey’s doing great. Tomorrow is my last day at work and the staff is going to really miss her, probably more than me. She seems to be the go-to when things get stressful. She loves the attention.  Surprisingly enough she’s not going to be a large dog. She’s probably about the size of Mercy. She’s crazy fast when she runs but needs more room to run full speed. I’m looking for a safe place to let her off leash and have more room. 

Shiloh at 1 year
1/24/23:  “Shiloh is a smart, motivated, sweet girl. She loves nothing more than having a job and spending time with us. We enjoy her company.  She is imminently trainable and does what she is asked when she understands and wants to play the game. I am working on getting my training abilities up to her capabilities. And am still a little short. We didn’t go to the rally show, not because Shiloh wasn’t ready but rather because I am having an issue with her barking at other dogs while she is on a leash. I am not as good at distracting her as I could be and am working on it. We will get there and I will show her. She is doing better now that she was before Christmas and when she isn’t on a leash, she enjoys engaging with other dogs. She would play ball all day if we had the time. She loves using her nose on walks and prefers going on dirt trails to the bike trails, who doesn’t?  Shiloh has brought us so much joy and she really is a great dog!”
Photo 1:  “Shiloh’s birthday pup cake.  She is adored in our house.  I think she definitely has Lovely’s ears but her head reminds me more of Cantor.”
Photo 2:  “Shiloh thinks more than any other dog I have had.  Sometimes I feel like she asks me ‘Why?’ more than my kids did.”

Shiloh at 11 months
“She takes the magnets off the refrigerator.  And then just sets them on the ground.  She started chewing one; I told her not to, so she set it on the ground and just looked at me.  Now when she thinks she isn’t getting enough attention she will go and start taking one off just to see if she will get me to check on her.  Not sure what that is about but she isn’t taking the ornaments off the tree now.  She is way too smart!  She keeps me on my toes.  I adore her.”

Shiloh at 9 months
“This is going to be another brag email. Honestly, I can’t help it. Shiloh is an awesome girl. She enjoys intermediate obedience and she picks up new exercises so quickly. She sometimes forgets what we are doing because she gets distracted but she is only 9 months old. She is getting so much better on the leash. She has started ignoring squirrels which is great. She is doing better at ignoring other dogs. Sometimes she still has to pull toward other dogs but it is less and less often. She is starting to sit when she meets people and stay sitting even when they invitingly bend right over her.  She doesn’t sleep in her crate anymore. I can leave her out when we aren’t home too, at least for a couple hours. She never has accidents in the house. She is happy to be with us. And she isn’t bouncing all over the house like a crazy dog. She really is very self-possessed. She has a funny teasing side to her that is hard to explain, except that I have seen you mention it on your website.  She is now barking to go for a walk. We weren’t able to go earlier because of appointments. Needless to say, we love her more every day.
Photo 1: “My beautiful girl.”
Photo 2: ““My best girl!  We start Rally classes tonight for the show in January.””

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