Quasi vom Geistwasser BH, AD, PTN, PTA, PTS, PTM, PTE, ATD, THDN

10/24/10 – 11/15/19


Quasi is the sire of the JJ litter from Soleil (who is from the GG litter), the ii & KK litters from Lively and the LL litter from GloryToo (who is also from the GG litter).
He is grandsire of the MM & PP litters from Spirit (who is from the ii litter), the QQ & ZZ litters from Mercy (who is from the JJ litter) and the RR, TT, WW, XX, YY and AAA litters from Lovely (who is from the LL litter). 

Quasi carried the long coat recessive.  He didn’t sire any long coats but gave the recessive to his daughter Lovely, who has sons who are long coats from the RR & TT litters).  Quasi also carried the bicolor gene.

Quasi came with his Schutzhund BH and AD titles.  He had all his UKC nosework Pre-Tests and was ready to compete for nosework titles when he became lame in December 2018.  In March the lameness finally revealed itself as an elbow problem.  X-rays showed a lot of arthritis.  He slowed down but with frequent laser treatments continued to enjoy ball sessions – much shorter and slower than before – until the week of November 10th, when he suddenly took a turn for the worse, being very lame and beginning to fall when he moved quickly or extended.  

DM (spinal myelopathy) Clear:  GS-DM3605/44M-PI
EYES Clear:  GS-EYE136/71M-VPI (OFA replaced CERF)
PennHip:  90th percentile (hips are better than 90% of the 11,526 GSD’s they’ve evaluated)!!!!
OFA EXCELLENT Hips!!!:  GS-91042E47M-VPI
OFA Elbows:  GS-EL30778M47-VPI
OFA Cardiac:  GS-CA1234/47M/P-VPI
OFA Thyroid:  GS-TH669/76M-VPI
free of bleeding disorders (hemophilia & Von Willebrands) and EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency)
CHIC (Canine Health Information  Center) DNA Repository:  GS-DNA-366/S
UKC Nosework titles:  PTN & PTA

Whelped 10/24/2010
Quasi’s parents were
SG Arrek vom Wolfsheim SchH3 KKL1 and G Ayla vom haus Lohre SchH3 KKL1

Many, many thanks to Jen Acevedo & Bill Kulla for this exciting boy!

This information is taken from their website (www.kulladogs.com) and from e-mails back and forth as we discussed my taking Quasi.

QUASI was sold as a puppy to a friend and fellow club member and his breeders had the opportunity to buy him back at around 20 months when the friend didn’t have time to work him as he deserved. Every puppy from Quasi’s litter has proven itself to be an extremely driven working dog. Quasi is balanced in the temperament; he is open and social around friendly strangers but will alert and show natural protective instincts in appropriate situations. Quasi has the intense, deep-nosed natural tracking behavior that this combination has consistently produced. In obedience, Quasi is fast and powerful, much like his parents, but easily guidable and teachable. In protection, Quasi is almost freakishly fast to the arm and is showing some real power as he matures. He is an athletic dog with a completely clear head who can cap and contain his drives.

What Arrek tended to bring to the picture was very strong drives, tons of OB pump, speed and power.  His hip production was excellent, and he had a-stamp normal hips and elbow. Ayla is one of the best hip producers in our breed; Jen is not sure if there is another dog who can come close.

Quasi’s first owners are dog lovers to the core. Quasi spent most of his time in the house, slept on the bed, and trained at least a couple of times per week.  He did a lot of the OB foundation, all of the tracking foundation and handled him in protection.  Jen was able to put the BH on Quasi probably three months after she got him back.

Jen reports he is really a fun dog.  He was a little bit aloof at the beginning, maybe a couple of weeks. Once he’s yours he’s super affectionate and sweet. He likes to stand up next to you and wrap his arms around your waist. That’s something that Ayla did, Mia and Moxie do it and so does Quas.

All of the dogs from this breeding (Arrek x Ayla) have been natural trackers, they are slow and methodical like their mother.   Bill used to joke that she could find a piece of kibble in a 200-acre field LOL.   Very, very high food and hunt drive. Quasi’s sister, Quinn, works for the IL State Police as an explosives detection dog. She works the governor’s suite at the State Capitol when he is there

(Justin vom Pendel Bach SchH3 IPO3 x Noditha vom Teufelsgrund SchH3)

Arrek was an exceptional son of Justin vom Pendel Bach SchH3 IPO3 (2003 Vice Bundesseiger) and Andy Lemper Heide daughter and LGA competitor Noditha vom Teufelsgrund SchH3. Arrek was a strong, driven male with excellent temperament and the potential for the absolute highest level of competition. For breeding and for sport, Arrek was the total package. His bloodlines are excellent, with both his father and mother having competed at a high level in Europe and bringing close-up lines to the finest West German producers like Iko Lindenhalle, Mink vom haus Wittfeld, and Neck Maineiche.

Arrek himself was joyful and exuberant in the work, and showed his power and drive in all three phases. Arrek & Bill took High Obedience (97pts) at the 2009 USA North Central Regional Championships.

Arrek is linebred 5-5 on Uwe Kirschental and 4-5 on Falko vom haus Sindern. In his breed survey, special mention is made of his strong pigment, and he is recommended for improving correct middle size. He carries the black recessive. HD-ZW=80 (4Q, 2011).

Arrek’s Breed Survey:  Medium sized, moderately strong, dark-gray gewolkt (striped). Normal withers, straight back, markedly sloping, short croup. Good front angulation, very good rear  angulation, balanced chest proportions, straight front. Walks straight in the rear straight walk/gait, walks with the feet close together in the front , elbows not quite closed. Flowing gaiting with really good firmness. Sound temperament, TSB pronounced; does out.

Dam:  G AYLA VOM HAUS LOHRE SchH3 KKL1 lbz. a-normal
(Wotan vom Bärenfang SchH3 IPO3 FH x Yessi vom Fuchsstein SchH3)

Bill & Jen’s foundation female, Ayla, ws a daughter of Wotan vom Bärenfang, who was 9th place at the 2000 BSP. Ayla’s mother lines go to Pike von der Schafbachmühle and Neck von der Maineiche. Ayla is the only female from the now famous “A Litter” vom haus Lohre, and all of her brothers have been competing at a high level in Europe.

Ayla herself was a strong, powerful bicolor bitch with pronounced drives, excellent nerves, and super barking and gripping in the protection work. On the track, she was calm, methodical, and extremely intense and she had super ball drive and natural pump for animated obedience.

Ayla was upgraded to KKL1 for life under Koermeister Dieter Oeser at Haupstadt SchH Verein’s 2005 North Central Regional Conformation Show & Breed Survey.  Herr Oeser cited Ayla’s excellent working abilities and temperament as the reason for the KKL1 rating. Ayla is linebred 5-5 on Greif zum Lahtal and carries the black recessive. Always pronounced in protection.

Ayla’s Breed Survey:  Large, strong, long female with flat withers and prominent croup position. Upper arm should has more angulation, rear quarters still good angulation, the chest proportions are balanced, the gaits should display more dynamics. TSB pronounced; does out.  RS 05: very good condition, gaiting improved.