Berakah Favorite Photos

Favorite Photos of Berakah

See Berakah at 11 years 3 months

See Berakah doing Reading Dog at Tongue River Elementary

Berakah participating in library reading program, December 2014, a new therapy dog project

Portrait Time, 44 months old, October 2012

Berakah with her dad, Chaos

Berakah & the Indestructible Ball, October 2012

Berakah shows her herding instinct with the Indestructible Ball, which cannot be picked up but must be chased, stopped, turned and rolled back to me.  All of this is accomplished at high speed with a nearly-constant high pitched barking.  It is absolutely hilarious.  I miss most of the good shots of her overtaking the ball because it takes time to get my camera in position after throwing it as far as I can.  My place is not level – it slopes to the south and east – so the ball often takes on a life of its own and doesn’t want to be controlled.  Doing so is hard work for Berakah – she sometimes has to stop and catch her breath before trying to roll it to me – so we only play with this ball perhaps 5 minutes each morning after her regular retrieve times with ball and Kong-on-a-Rope.

My puppies visit nursing homes and a senior daycare facility beginning at 5 weeks of age.

Berakah at 35 days visiting Daybreak, a senior daycare facility

 Berakah at 42 days visiting Westview Health Care Center

 Berakah at 57 days visiting Sheridan Manor (nursing home)

See Berakah doing agility and nosework and more therapy dog work