GloryToo Puppies

GloryToo’s Puppies’ Photos
LL Litter:  GloryToo bred to Quasi
whelped 3/16/16
Mr. Gold went to Idaho for Search and Rescue, obedience, tracking & agility competition.  Mr. Red went to Missouri for obedience, tracking, barn hunt and rally competition.  Miss Rainbow went to a biologist in Alaska to search out wolverine lairs and bat nests for research. Miss Pink went to Montana as a pet and Mr. Green stayed in Sheridan as a pet.  Mr. White went to Yellowstone Park as a family pet and Search & Rescue dog, though they haven’t pursued SAR training due to family obligations.  Mr. Blue went to Casper as a pet and therapy dog.  
I kept Miss Orange (“Lovely”, see her page.)
LL Litter background information
LL litter pedigree
LL litter temperament test
I’ve never had anyone name one of my pups “Otto” but for some strange reason we now have TWO pups in the LL litter whose call names are “Otto”. At least one is a sable and one is a bicolor so we can easily tell them apart.
NN & SS Litters
GloryToo bred to Cantor
The NN litter was whelped 12/17/17
NN Litter background
The NN litter temperament test results were used for the illustrated police/narcotics temperament test and the illustrated Search & Rescue test pages.
Mr. Blue (Lando) went to Colorado to be an avalanche dog at a ski resort.  Mr. White (Lucien) went to Santa Fe, NM for Search & Rescue. Miss Yellow (Sophie) went to Montana to do agility and nosework. Mr. Green (Credo) and Mr. Red (Willy) went to Colorado as pets, though Mr. Green will hopefully do nosework and tracking. Mr. Red is the third dog of mine for his family. Miss Purple (Freda) went to California as a pet, the second dog her people have gotten from me. Miss Pink (Noir) went to California as a pet. Mr. Brown (Axel) went to Gillette, WY, about 100 miles east of here.
The SS Litter was whelped 4/30/20.
SS litter background information
Police/Narcotics temperament test results
Search & Rescue test results
Mr. Blue (Stetson) went to Billings to compete in obedience, rally, nosework and barn hunt and to get Canine Good citizen titles.  His new owner was so impressed that she is now considering herding, too.  Miss White (Hildy) stayed here in Sheridan and will be a therapy dog working with the nursing home residents.  Miss Green (Hazel) also stayed here in Sheridan and will be a companion and fishing buddy.  Miss Pink (Scully) went to Seattle where she will be a therapy dog in children’s hospitals and also train for cadaver work (Search & Rescue).  Miss Purple (Ava) went to Wisconsin to compete in obedience and possibly Schutzhund. Ava joins Rudi, from the RR litter
I kept Miss Yellow, who is now “Hopeful.”  She is a breeding prospect, will compete in nosework, and be a therapy dog.  Her registered name is “Celhaus Song of Hope in Hard Times”.  That was inspired by the many, many comments I got from people who said following the litter diary on my website and enjoying their photos had lifted them up during the early, dark days of the pandemic shut-down.  

See Hopeful’s page.
See Hopeful at 3 years

Hildy (Celhaus Seraph’s Serenade) at 2 years 11 months
“Hildy is transfixed by the fox family!  This is the first night for us to see the adorable kits.  Hildy, Steve and I will enjoy watching them for the next several days, until the family moves to a different den.  When the foxes are out, everything in the house grinds to a halt while we watch them.  The dishes can wait til tomorrow!”

Credo (Celhaus Nanawatai Gloriouz Credo of Cantor) at 5 years 5 months
Name Story: Nanawatai is “traditionally used to refer to a request for sanctuary, whereby the host must be willing to fight or die for the sake of anyone who comes knocking at his door seeking refuge, even if it is a sworn enemy.” The Z in Gloriouz is a nod to the older brother he never got to meet, my Zeus.

“Here is a silly picture of Credo at the dog park, excited to be playing lots of ball.”

Credo at 5 years 4 months
“I just saw the St. Patrick’s Day photos on Facebook and realized I forgot to send you ours!!  Here’s a couple.  You’ll notice there are 3 now.  I got a 7-month-old Malinois from the shelter about a month ago.  His name is Mojo.  So I have Credo, Arlo and Mojo now.”

Scully (Celhaus Scully) at 2 years 10 months
Apologies for going so long without updates. We had our first 2-legged baby (a daughter named Elvis) in November so the last year has been a whirlwind. Throughout it all, Scully has continued to be wonderful and we are so grateful for the work you do to create such amazing dogs. Attaching some photos of our 4-legged girl.”

Otto D (Celhaus Lancelot Otto) at 7 years
“Happy 7th Birthday! One of my favorite days of the year!”   

Hazel (Celhaus Scarlett Scout) at 2 years 10 months
“A good dog!”

Stetson (Celhaus Six-Shooters Spur N Saddles) at 2 years 10 months
Photo 1:  “It is mud time again. He loves it!”
Photo 2: “Stetson O’Shepherd”

Pika (Celhaus Lively Pika) at 6 years 9 months
“Pika is doing amazing. I attached some more recent photos to update your collection. Pika goes everywhere with me, even to my office at the University. She’s our team’s mascot and she keeps everyone in line. This past summer she went up to the Arctic with me and we were able to do a true polar plunge in the Arctic Ocean. She also traveled to Valdez and over to Kennicott, we crossed the Denali Highway in early summer when the road opened up and we hiked 40 miles this summer across the Kesugi Ridge in Denali State Park. We also spent a bunch of time in Fairbanks along the Chena River and she absolutely loves the water. We had to take a short flight for a rafting trip and she was awesome in the helicopter, but even better on our raft…  She really enjoys the float trips. I can’t tell you how much I love this dog. She is just amazing. The best dog ever!  We did our annual vet visit just last week and she’s looking perfect! Of and she is really enjoying the last of the salmon we caught over the summer. One of her favorites! LOL!  Thanks so much for Pika!”

Pika at 6 years 5 months

Lucien (Celhaus Niall Lucien Stieber) at 5 years 2 months
“A tired and mud-caked Lucien after a challenging training on the mesa  above the Rio Grande Gorge in Taos today.  Lucien performed extremely well, checking down deep, muddy ravines, both on command and on his own, and giving hearty, confident alerts (barks) when finding each subject (there were two).”

Lucien at 5 years 1 month
“Lucien geared up with Rex Specs and earmuffs for boarding a helicopter.”

Hazel at 2 years 8 months
“Winter workout”

Hazel at 2 years 5 months
“Random pic.  Happy dog!”

Stetson at 2 years 8 months
Photos1-2:  “Stetson watching over – and helping with the mouse condo cleanout.”
Photo3:  “Isn’t he handsome?”

Stetson at 2 years 5 months

Hopeful (Celhaus Song of Hope In Hard Times) at 2 years 6 months
See Hopeful participating in the Dave Kroyer Nosework seminar, September 17 and September 18th, 2002.
Hopeful visiting with a new nursing home resident. He had been reluctant to come out of his room – until he learned the therapy dog was there.  He sat on a bench close to his room’s door and Hopeful, on her own, scooted under the bench so that he could pet her.

Lucien at 4 years 11 months
Lucien is in training for Search & Rescue. 
“Lucien on a training mission.  There was no find in this search. In the pics where Lucien is sniffing up the aspen, he was displaying great interest but did not pinpoint anything. He was probably catching scent pooled in the tree branches. This was a negative search for HR, meaning there was nothing to find in his sector. The search was meant to clear the area. He could have been picking up scent from a mile away, hence the interest. But he didn’t pinpoint anything with a final alert because there was nothing there. That’s a good thing. None of the dogs pinpointed anything, though they all expressed interest (with no final alert) at some point or another.”

Lucien at 4 years 5 months
“Lucien in the mountains of southern Colorado, searching for human remains in still water last Sunday.  It was a training, so he (almost) always finds something. In this case it was a human pelvis dangling from a float, low in the water. He scented it from pretty far away.”

Frieda (Celhaus Nagorski) at 4 years 8 months with Max & Gunnar from the TT litter, 2 years old

Lando (Celhaus Naboo Pirate) at 4 years 4 months

Lando is an avalanche dog
“We passed our Advanced Validation at Vail for Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment.  He is a super star!”

Bridger (Celhaus Lodestar Bridger) at 5 years

Otto P (Celhaus Lead the Way Otto) at 4 years 9 months
“I’m glad you let me have Otto.  He is a remarkable dog.  He goes to work with me at my office and has a circuit that he runs—the secretaries all buy treats for him.  In fact he goes everywhere with me, including hotels all around the northern states.  He is a good boy.  He is remarkably healthy and resilient.  Still chases rabbits, though, and he knows better. You breed great dogs.  Truly great dogs.  I am grateful that you let me share him.  Best.  Paul”
Photo 1:  “I have never let dogs on the couch.  But I’m now 64 and Otto is excepted from that rule.  No beds, though, although I am wondering if my daughter lets him up when she comes back to town.”
Photo 2:  “Otto with his friend Bridger on Gull Lake, MN.”
            Photo 3:  “Otto, Gretchen, and retriever friend Mable, who visits often.” 
           Photo 4:  “Otto in truck bed with birds.  No, Otto didn’t hunt these birds.  But he did get on one.  Mable did all the rest.  But we did let him try.  And he darned near pulled a pheasant out of the sky when I missed it.”

Frieda (Celhaus Nagorski) at 3 years 9 months (in rear) with “nephew” Maximus (Celhaus Trooper), 1 year 6 months old 

Axel (Celhaus Nash Axel Geisner) at 3 years 11 months