GloryToo’s Temperament Test 2013

GloryToo’s Temperament Test 2013
GloryToo is from the GG litter
She is the mother of the LL and NN litters

My good friend, Suzan Guilford, came to do the police/narcotics test. She is a former K9 handler and police officer, former police chief, and has taught at the Wyoming Police Academy. She has done my temperament tests for over seventeen years, except for a two year absence while she was working in Florida. Suzan and I over the years have incorporated most of the SAR exercises into her testing, in case Janet & Bonnie can’t come do the SAR testing, which was the case with this litter.

Test – Rating – Comments

“Very nice, acknowledged & then wanted to get down.”

Pain Sensitivity
“Good reaction: wagged tail, licked hand”

Average on ball; minimal on toy
“OK. Once she got into it, was good. Not much interest in toys.”

Above Average
“Good. Not a full bite but liked the prey aspect.”

Fear (can of bolts)
Above Average
“Good. Investigated when encouraged to.”

Courage and Aggression (electric train)
“Kept a distance from train but came & looked at it.”

Surprise (umbrella)
“Ran away & then returned when verbally encouraged.”

“Good eye contact right away & wanted up.”

“Nice – no problem”

Unstable Footing

Hunt for Food I (Jerky on string)
Above Average
“Good. Systematic.”

Hunt for Food II (hidden treats)
Above Average
“Very Good. Used nose – willing to work with handler.”

Tester Comments: Nice girl overall – very social & sound – Happy!

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