Lively’s Temperament Test Results 2009

Lively’s Temperament Test Results, 2009
(Spirit’s, GloryToo’s & Soleil’s mother; Mercy’s & Lovely’s maternal grandmother)

mother of the FF, GG, HH, ii, & KK litters; grandmother of the JJ, LL, MM, NN & PP litters; maternal great-grandmother of the QQ litter


Search And Rescue Test by Janet Wilts, done at 52 & 53 days of age

(10 is top score)
Rated as SAR & Schutzhund prospect


Saturday: 9 – 10; “Confident, good prey”

Sunday: 10; ” Good nose, good eye contact, good prey, good tug”

Lively’s Police Dog/Narcotics Dog Temperament Test, done at 54 days

Since Janet can’t always come to test my pups, Suzan and I over the years have incorporated most of the SAR exercises into our testing. This was especially nice this time because Janet was unable to do her regular tests due to the weather.

Test – Rating – Comments

“Great. Ran up, licked & nipped at my face.”

Pain Sensitivity

Above Average
“Lots of chase – no bringing.”

“LOTS of prey, good speed.”

Courage and Aggression
Above Average
“Good!! “

Above Average
“Good – didn’t investigate.”

Above Average
“OK – looked and stopped.”


Lively’s Search And Rescue Test

Test -Rating – Comments

Submission & Confidence
Above Average
“Good – no eye contact right away.”

Unstable Footing

Hunt for Toy
Above Average
“Stayed with specific toy for a long time.”

Hunt for Food
“Great. Not intimidated, willing to go the distance.”

Tester Comments: Full of “Reckless Abandonment.” Fantastic. Good full mouth bite. Drug on blanket (perseverance test). Cel’s note: What Suzan is referring to is that she had her whole body on the blanket and stayed there while Suzan drug her all around.)


Excellent: Sensitivity, Perseverance, Hunt for Food, Attachment
Above Average: Submission, Aggression/Courage, Retrieve, Fear, Hunt for Toy, Surprise

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