OO Litter

OO Litter
bred to Cantor
Whelped 8/22/18:  2 males and 2 females, all black sables

Mr. Blue (Titus) went to Utah for Search and Rescue. Mr. Green (Finley) stayed close in Wyoming as a pet. Miss Pink (Leidy) went to northwest Wyoming for Search & Rescue. Miss Purple (Pilot) went to the Spokane area for competition in a variety of venues: tracking, nosework, agility, herding and maybe more.

Finley (Celhaus Onyx) at 2 years 5 months
“Finley is such a snow dog; he definitely lives for winter! Enjoy!”

Finley at 2 years 4 months
“Attached are a few of the sledding pictures from last week at Tie Hack Campground. Finley and Gannett had such a good time.”

Pilot (Celhaus Olabisi Isolde CGC TKN) at 2 years 5 months
Name story: Olabisi is Egyptian, meaning brings joy; Isolde is Gaelic, meaning brat)
“Pilot is very busy and I love that she is so willing to play and work and just hang out. She has that down pat.  We went tracking Wednesday. Cold day and about 6 inches of snow. A fellow tracker laid a track for her. It was interesting watching her work out the snow. Snow is for playing not working. She had issues on the first leg but when she realized that this was work, she nailed corners and right to the end, about 450 yards. Yay!!!  It was pretty funny at tracking. She kept looking back at me like “You really want me to work in the snow”.  Barb (my track layer) really likes her.  Once she said that girl has such a fun personality. When walking back from the end, we were laughing at Pilot jumping backwards preparing for snow play.  We’ve entered a trial.”

Leidy (Celhaus Odina Leidy) at 2 years 74 months
Name story: Odina is Native American for mountain; Leidy is a mountain of which Tammy has particularly fond memories.

“Leidy enjoying spring”

Leidy (Celhaus Odina Leidy) at 2 years 6 months
“She loves the snow!  She looks almost black.”

Leidy (Celhaus Odina Leidy) at 2 years 5 months

Titus (Celhaus Octavius Titus) at 2 years 1 month
the former Mr. Blue

Name story: Octavius, was the family masculine name is Gaius Octavius, who became known as Cesar Augustus of Rome the name means Magnificent or Majestic. He was known as a great tactician, philosopher, and statesman who brought Rome out of Civil war following the death of Julius Cesar and into a golden age for the empire know as the Pax Romana (Roman Peace). Since we learned that trying to call any two dogs with an O name is just bringing them both to us we liked Titus who was another Roman Emperor and his name means depending on culture, pleasing, saved, of the giants (He has big paws). We felt a call name of Titus sounds nothing like Oakley and matches his personality he loves to please and work hard with a smile on his face.

9/23/20:  “I just wanted to update you on Titus.  He has completed his CGC, Tri-State 40 Acre, and this past weekend he completed his Tri-State 120 acre live find certification and his Cadaver 1 certifications making him and Angela the newest mission ready Wilderness Search & Rescue team with Great Basin K9 Search and Rescue!  I am so proud of those two, and thankful for you bringing Titus into our lives!”

Pilot at 2 years
1/9/21:  “Pilot passed her advanced trick title so she is now TKN, TKI, and TKA. Haven’t got the actual paper yet but I can’t foresee any problems.  Then on December 9th she passed her tracking certification test. The judge said she did a beautiful job and this particular judge is tough no nonsense. Now it’s finding a trial that hasn’t been cancelled or isn’t 500 miles away. Don’t really feel like staying in a motel right now.”

8/22/20:  “Pilot has had a really fun day today since it’s her birthday!! Lots of playing in the sprinkler, lots of agility with lots of breaks.  We haven’t decided on yogurt or ice cream for her cake.  This little girl is so worth the biggest celebration I could give her.  She is great in agility but she is a self-server.  She runs around jumping and going through tunnels and then turns around to see what I am doing.  You can’t help but laugh. Everything is at Mach 2.  A friend is helping me on obedience.  Sheep herding is still on hold.  The people are nervous about all of us going to  their home.  The agility trials are just beginning to open up here.  Since we had our first CPE trial with 85 faults, I really want to try again.  And this time I need to move and stop laughing.  Dang that was the cutest run.  And she was so proud of herself.  I learned a lot with Rimmer.  When I started, I wanted to Q every run, but I learned quickly that it’s more about a fun partnership.”

Finley at 2 years
“Finley says “Thanks, Grandma Cel, for the birthday wishes!” He had a great day today. We took him up to Meadowlark Lake for his birthday. We went there last week and he had a blast splashing in the shallow water. Needless to say, we have a pooped puppy tonight. Hard to believe he’s 2 years old!  Here’s a picture from today with him in his birthday bandana, that says “happy birthday to me” “

Finley at 1 year 11 months


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