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Mr. Green (“Kellan”) went to New York to compete in nosework and will also train in agility, herding, and be a therapy dog – her second dog from me.  Miss Yellow (“Taryn”) went to New York to compete in obedience, agility, nosework and possibly tracking & Schutzhund. Mr. White (“Jax”) went to Washington, DC to be a service dog for a veteran. Brown (“Talon”) to her home in southeast WY was trained as a service dog and placed with a handler when he completed all his training.  Miss Pink (“Lucca”) went to Montana to be a companion – her second dog from me.  Miss Lilac (“Elsa”) went to southwest WY to be a companion and therapy dog.  Miss Orange (“Tirzah”) went to Colorado to be a companion and Reading Dog (therapy dog for children).  Mr. Blue (“Maximus”) and Mr. Turquoise (“Gunnar”) went to California to a family who already have or had 4 of my dogs; Mr. Blue went to the parents while Mr. Turquoise went to one of the adult sons.  Miss Tan (“Roxanne”) went to southern Colorado for Search & Rescue.

Tirzah (Celhaus Treasured Tirzah) at 2 years 4 months
“Tirzah playing.”

Jax (Celhaus Triumph) at 2 years 3 months
“He’s doing great. He is the most incredible boy. My mom has started his therapy dog training and he is thriving. They love him more than anything, and so do I. Thank you for the best boy!!”

Jax at 2 years 1 month
We had a great Thanksgiving with Jax and the family.  And got some great photos at the perfect time of day for pictures!

Gunnar (Celhaus Tyrion) at 2 years 2 months

Taryn (Celhaus Taryn) at 2 years 2 months
“My nurse curled up with her hedgehog next to me.  Taryn is helping me recover from a hip replacement surgery.”

Taryn at 2 years
Photo 1:  Taryn competed in NASSW Element trials.  She earned her L1V (Level 1 Vehicles) and L1C (Level 1 Containers) titles searching farm vehicles and assorted containers – challenging environment in barns and outside in very windy conditions.  Level one in each element consists of 1 hide and 2-3 minutes time limit.
Photo 2:  “She got to see her brother, Kellan, too. Hard to believe my little girl is 2 already! Happy Birthday to all my TT brothers and sisters.”

Tirzah (Celhaus Treasured Tirzah) at 2 years
Photos 1-4:  Neighbor Bestie
Photos 5-7:  Such a good pup with our grandson!
Photos 8-9:  I finally finished her portrait.  I think she approves.
Photo 10:  Mission accomplished:  Tirzah has her Cannie Good Citizen and AKC Star Puppy under her paw.
Photos 11-13:  Lots of walks and playtime…
Photos 14-16:  Cozy naps
Photos 17-20:  Mountain Adventures
Photo 21:  Glamour shot

Maximus (Celhaus Trooper) and Gunnar (Celhaus Tyrion) at 2 years 6 months (middle), with Frieda (Celhaus Nagorski), 4 years 8 months (on left) and Angus (not one of mine)

Gunnar at 1 year 11 months
Having a doggie ice cream, perfect for a hot day.”

Kellan (Celhaus  Truehearted Kellan) and Taryn (Celhaus Taryn) at 2 years
“The pups had their little birthday party today after nosework training.”

Taryn (Celhaus Taryn) at 1 year 6 months
“Today in the sleet and mud Taryn earned her AKC Farm Dog title (FDC).  She loved the goats!!!”

Taryn at 1 year 5 months
Photos 1-2, 2/26/22:  “Taryn passed all 3 odors at the NASCW ORT (Odor Recognition Test) yesterday in snowy Buffalo. Tests went from 5-9 p.m.  Yay for Taryn!”
Photo 3, 3/26/22:  “Taryn went to her very first AKC Scentwork Trial today and qualified in 2 Novice Containers – got a new toy, too!!!”

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