TT Litter

TT Litter
Lovely bred to Cantor
Whelped 10/3/20:  five males and five females

Mr. Green (“Kellan”) went to New York to compete in nosework and will also train in agility, herding, and be a therapy dog – her second dog from me.  Miss Yellow (“Taryn”) went to New York to compete in obedience, agility, nosework and possibly tracking & Schutzhund. Mr. White (“Jax”) went to Washington, DC to be a service dog for a veteran, while my friend Laurie took Mr. Brown (“Talon”) to her home in southeast WY to train him as a service dog whom we will place with a handler once he’s completed all his training (like she did with Quizz from the QQ litter).  Miss Pink (“Lucca”) went to Montana to be a companion – her second dog from me.  Miss Lilac (“Elsa”) went to southwest WY to be a companion and therapy dog.  Miss Orange (“Tirzah”) went to Colorado to be a companion and Reading Dog (therapy dog for children).  Mr. Blue (“Maximus”) and Mr. Turquoise (“Gunnar”) went to California to a family who already have or had 4 of my dogs; Mr. Blue went to the parents while Mr. Turquoise went to one of the adult sons.  Miss Tan (“Roxanne”) went to southern Colorado for Search & Rescue.

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this is a repeat of the RR litter

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Kaia (Celhaus Trinity at 30 weeks
the former Miss Lilac
“She has an intense and intimidating look about her…little do folks know, she’s a baby!”

Kaia at 27 weeks
“Afternoon nap after a busy morning”

Kaia (Celhaus Trinity at 26 weeks
“So much for just having a bath.  I think she’s happier being dirty!  She went everywhere with me today from the hardware store to the gravel pit for landscaping.  Loves to ride along and be included in everything!”

Kellan (Celhaus Truehearted Kellan) at 29 weeks
the former Mr. Green
“Five-minute break. This won’t last.  What I’m pleased about is that it is one happy family.
I’ve started Kellan tracking. He is so focused.”

Kellan at 27 weeks
4/13/21:  “I have 2 classes starting tonight. A puppy and a basic obedience. Kellan my new helper will be participating. He got to see one the pups that was in a class with him. She hasn’t grown much. She weighing in at 8 pounfs. He was so gentle with her. He also went to trials with me for scent work thus weekend. He was such a good little man.”
“Happy Easter.  From left to right Kash, Kellan and Blair.”

Lucca (Celhaus Thankful in Montana) at 27 weeks
the former Miss Pink
Name Story:  Lucca is a Military Service K9 who was was trained to locate EIDs.  Top Dog is a book about her, written by her main and second handlers.  She was adopted by her main handler after an injury forced her retirement.
“I can see her in the dark.  And it’s rechargable.”

Roxanne (Celhaus Turn On Your Red Light Roxanne) at 27 weeks
the former Miss Tan

“Roxanne joined a working dog club and will do some Schutzhund work.  She is very excited to add that obedience to her SAR work.  The photo is in Chaffe county before going to training.”

Roxanne at 24 weeks
“Roxanne continues to do great!  She has taken very naturally to trailing and is a joy to train.  She is an excellent trailing dog. I have never worked an easier dog.  I must say Roxanne is a very naughty independent missy right now.  Her detection work has greatly deteriorated (the world is extremely exciting) and her recall is terrible.  Such a teenager.  No worries.  I expect this on strong-willed pups.  She will be a wonderful SAR dog.  They need to think independently.  Love the heck out of her. She is funny, naughty, willful and almost snuggly at times.  Such love for life, dogs and people.”

Roxanne at 15 weeks

Lucca at 25 weeks

Lucca at 15 weeks
“She is doing great – first picture she was at work, but the shop’s 10-month-old GSD is too much for her.  I found a trainer I worked with in agility with Wolfgang, and she found some pups more her age.  Still working on a lot with her.  I’m teaching her to go between my legs at home.  I’m going to Morduch’s with her. The trainer loves her; says I have a great puppy.  I’m also getting her used to being brushed.  I noticed when I walk her, her nose is always on the ground which made me decide, if I can find someone to help me, to see if I can do fun tracks with her.   Since I haven’t been in the dog scene for a long time, I don’t know who I would ask.”

Kellan at 24 weeks
“Not sure what these 2 were up to. I went looking for them and found them on my bed. I think were waiting for me to come and take their picture. I couldn’t ever have posed them like this. I was surprised they stay for me to take it (with Quinn – the youngsters).  He’s a very handsome boy. He has all of his big boy teeth. Found a couple. They all came in perfect. Just like him.”

Kellan at 23 weeks
“Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Kellan and Blair. They wanted to train together and I remembered that I had some bandannas.”

Kellan at 21 weeks 

Kellan at 20 weeks
“Kellan herding.  He did well. He will go back in a month. He certainly wasn’t afraid of them. No problem working with Amanda.  I have taken him out to see the sheep a few times, and the ducks, chickens and cat. Amanda definitely likes him. She said he had control. You could see him thinking. So in another month we will do it again. He’s still too young to do actual trainings.  I really love herding. I like sheep. I guess it helped growing up with all sorts of animals. Horse and dogs were always my favorites. I have people calling to come visit Kellan. Everyone thinks he’s a super dog. He was so good with all the puppies in my class. I hope he will become my partner and come to my classes with me.”

Kellan at 19 weeks
“Nap time for Kellan, my sweet boy.”

Kellan at 17 weeks
“So things were too quiet so I thought I should check on things.  He now can get up on the bed. He has more than double his weight. He has 2 adult teeth on the top and bottom. He’s not my little boy anymore. But he is the sweetest pup. He is now taking all the toys out of the toy box. And he is also out with all my dogs.  He is the best pup. He is now out with all my dogs. It is one big happy family. Everyone is so impressed by him. He’s out of the crate at night. Will come and give me a kiss if he needs to go out.  He went to a NACSW ORT last Saturday. Played tug with the judge, played fetch with others and flirted with some others. He is such a sweetie. He stands 21 inches at the shoulders and is 45 pounds. Not my little boy.”

Kaia at 23 weeks
1st photo:  “Kaia loves the snow!”
2nd photo:  “Can’t get any more black & white than this!”

Kaia at 22 weeks
“Finally got a photo of both of them together.”

Kaia at 21 weeks
1st photo:  “I wanted to share that Kaia loves playing with her tennis ball while chewing her bully stick. She uses her paws like a soccer player. I can’t say I have ever seen that in our other dogs. She is a smart girl.”
2nd – 3rd photos:  “Kaia passed her first class and we graduated!  She really looks like a big girl in the last picture.  She makes me look tiny!!  Taking a private lesson on Thursday and then on Friday, she will start her novice class.”

Kaia at 18 weeks
1st – 3rd photos:  Kaia enjoyed her trip to Lowe’s today.  Even met a new “friend!” (saw herself in the mirror)
4th photo:  “I like to call her “Princess” but on days like this it’s ‘Pigpen’!”
5th photo:  “She’s losing her puppy face…but so beautiful!”

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I asked Kathy, who is an experienced trainer, to share how she started Kellan so it will perhaps help less experienced owners give their pup a good start.  Here is what she sent me:  “The first day at home we started some training. I kept him on leash for 2 weeks; I felt it would help him bond to me. I live in suburbia with sidewalks.  So we took a lot of walks.  He gets to see a lot of different things, people out walking and with dogs, squirrels, people walking who want to come and meet him.  Right from the beginning Kellan has walked extremely well on a leash in all the airports like he had been doing it forever.  The first commands I started with are “sit” and “come.” I use treats and a lot of praise. Also, on the first day I started with crate games. I unlatched the crate, kept my foot on the bottom of the door and waited for him to sit. It took him less than a minute to figure out he had to sit. I said yes and waited 2 seconds and opened the crate and said “break” and he was allowed out. From then on, he automatically sat when I came to the crate. I am very regimented in my training. I work a few minutes at a time. I am the only human in my house so everything is always consistent. Kellan is a very sweet pup and he is always getting hugs and kisses from me. He loves to learn. He is so much fun to work with. After he knew his name, which took about a day, we worked on come. He was very happy to come to me. All 5 of my shepherds like him and I am slowly introducing him to them. He loves playing with my 2 younger dogs. I’ve worked a lot with focus and eye contact. I can now put a treat by his nose while he makes eye contact. Now I’m working with coming with distractions. Kellan has learned to sit to get a leash on and to sit and wait at the door. He has learned down and he also has learned to shake hands. My training room in the basement is now a puppy playroom. I also have a pool with bottle and balls. I have tunnels and lot of things he can go and find his way out. I hide from him and call him to find me. I am starting a tracking class, which I have decided to do with him also. I also have a puppy kindergarten class starting in mid-January; he will be going to that. I take Kellan everywhere. He has gone to Home Depot, pet stores, to friends’ homes. He went to a puppy socialization that a friend is having at her training studio and will continue going to that on Saturdays. He also is going to a puppy class starting on the 12th. Since I do herding with one of my shepherds, Kellan went to see the sheep and got to see chickens and cats with a mouse. He just sat and took everything in. Later that day we went to Home Depot. I am trying to expose him to as many things as possible. You only have one chance to socialize your puppy. Kellan is an amazing puppy and all my dog friends are very impressed with him. He is everything I wanted. He is going to be a busy boy.”