TT Litter

TT Litter
Lovely bred to Cantor
Whelped 10/3/20:  five males and five females

See photos of TT litter pups on my Holiday Fun Page.

Mr. Green (“Kellan”) went to New York to compete in nosework and will also train in agility, herding, and be a therapy dog – her second dog from me.  Miss Yellow (“Taryn”) went to New York to compete in obedience, agility, nosework and possibly tracking & Schutzhund. Mr. White (“Jax”) went to Washington, DC to be a service dog for a veteran, while my friend Laurie took Mr. Brown (“Talon”) to her home in southeast WY to train him as a service dog whom we will place with a handler once he’s completed all his training (like she did with Quizz from the QQ litter).  Miss Pink (“Lucca”) went to Montana to be a companion – her second dog from me.  Miss Lilac (“Elsa”) went to southwest WY to be a companion and therapy dog.  Miss Orange (“Tirzah”) went to Colorado to be a companion and Reading Dog (therapy dog for children).  Mr. Blue (“Maximus”) and Mr. Turquoise (“Gunnar”) went to California to a family who already have or had 4 of my dogs; Mr. Blue went to the parents while Mr. Turquoise went to one of the adult sons.  Miss Tan (“Roxanne”) went to southern Colorado for Search & Rescue.

TT litter background information
TT litter pedigree
this is a repeat of the RR litter

Talon has gone to his Service Dog home, but his Training Log is still available.

Roxanne (Celhaus Turn On Your Red Light Roxanne) at 1 year 2 months
the former Miss Tan
“Today (12/12/21) Roxanne achieved National Certification in Human Remains Detection! She is certified through SARDUS (Search & Rescue Dogs of the US).  She did a wonderful job!”
1st photo, 12//21:  “Roxanne went to her first parade today with the SAR team.  She was absolutely wonderful.”

Roxanne at 1 year 1 month
“Roxanne and her first palm tree.  we are in St. George, UT, headed to California.”

Roxanne at 51 weeks
“Roxanne with her favorite toy. A special rock. She shoves it all over the carpet.  I do limit her “rock time” because she can obsess.  I haven’t met a Shepherd that didn’t obsess over SOMETHIMG.  But she is doing great.  Her detection work is going very well, and she could easily do detection as well as therap.  Headed to Utah in October for SAR training, and then to California in November.”

Roxanne at 49 weeks
“Being a goof.  She is very much a thinker.  I am loving watching her work out where odor is coming from. She really thinks and has a non-quit work ethic.”

Roxanne at 44 weeks
“Roxanne at the Tuesday night rodeo.”

Kellan (Celhaus Truehearted Kellan) at 1 year
the former Mr. Green
Photos 1-3:  “The Aussie is here for the week and loves Kellan. And he’s so good with her.”
Photos 4-6:  “Can’t believe he’s a year old already.  Everyone he meets, they say he’s amazing. Love him beyond words.  He enjoyed a piece of his cookie.”
Photo 7: “I think my little guy is all tuckered out.”
Photos 8-9:  “Kellan met Roukan today. I was volunteering at a Elite NACSW Trial today in Buffalo. The owner of Roukan does Internation SAR which gas stopped due to covid. We have wanted to meet up for a while. So she came a met me at the trial and she got to watch some of the dogs. She now interested to do nosework. And she lost her shepherd Thursday due to congestive heart failure. The dog in the picture is 3 and a super dog. They played so well together. Kellan just gets along with everybody. This male was intact.   One of the judges I know and he met Kellan in February. He thought he was a really nice dog. So he got to see him today. He said he’s amazing. Of course I think so. But everyone that meets him say the same thing.  I can’t say this enough, but thank you so much for giving him to me.”

7/24/21 (no photo): “Finally got back to herding today, his first time in a couple of months. The trainers think both of my dogs are great.  Usually they don’t start training dogs til they’re 1, but he’s taken to it so well, there was no point in waiting. Proud of both of them. Working the perimeter was pretty interesting the first time out. The sheep stayed way away from him. The second time in he was more relaxed, and the sheep came closer to him, making eye contact. Very cool to see. He has this great way about him. He might be ready by next summer to start trialing.  Kellan is very leggy. I measured his height. He’s 26 inches long and lanky. And so handsome. He went to puppy class with me last week.” 

Kaia (Celhaus Trinity) at 1 year 2 months
the former Miss Lilac
Photo 1:  “Just had her bath with special black-dog shampoo and conditioner.  Gives her an extra black and shiny coat!”
Photo 2:  “Found a nice open field for Kaia to run off leash…she loved it!”

Kaia at 1 year 1 month
“Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.”

Kaia at 1 year 
Photo 1: “No birthday photos, but this one is still my favorite.”
Photo 2:  “Our puppy is NOT spoiled!”
Photo 3:  “So much for movie night!”
Photo 4:  “Using her favorite ball for a pillow.”

Kaia at 11 months
“Kaia reminding me it’s time for her walk! “
Kaia at 43 weeks
“Isn’t she a beautiful girl??”

Kaia at 41 weeks
“Kaia on our weekend hike.  She had a great day of exploring and even went into the water after fish!  No fears!”

Lucca (Celhaus Thankful in Montana) at 1 year
the former Miss Pink
Name Story:  Lucca is a Military Service K9 who was was trained to locate EIDs.  Top Dog is a book about her, written by her main and second handlers.  She was adopted by her main handler after an injury forced her retirement.

“What a difference a year makes!”
Photo 2:  “My 58-pound cat.”

Lucca at 43 weeks
“Lucca at Lewis and Clark Park in Belgrade before training class.  She’s doing great.  She loves to swim, which she taught herself.  I just told her ‘Good girl!'”

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