TT Litter

TT Litter
Lovely bred to Cantor
Whelped 10/3/20:  five males and five females

Mr. Green (“Kellan”) went to New York to compete in nosework and will also train in agility, herding, and be a therapy dog – her second dog from me.  Miss Yellow (“Taryn”) went to New York to compete in obedience, agility, nosework and possibly tracking & Schutzhund. Mr. White (“Jax”) went to Washington, DC to be a service dog for a veteran, while Mr. Brown (“Talon”) is now a service dog in Casper, WY.  Miss Pink (“Lucca”) went to Montana to be a companion – her second dog from me.  Miss Lilac (“Elsa”) went to southwest WY to be a companion and therapy dog.  Miss Orange (“Tirzah”) went to Colorado to be a companion and Reading Dog (therapy dog for children).  Mr. Blue (“Maximus”) and Mr. Turquoise (“Gunnar”) went to California to a family who already have or had 4 of my dogs; Mr. Blue went to the parents while Mr. Turquoise went to one of the adult sons.  Miss Tan (“Roxanne”) went to southern Colorado for Search & Rescue.

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this is a repeat of the RR litter

Talon (Celhaus Take It to the Limit) at 1 year 9 months
Talon was trained to be a service dog and now helps a man with Parkinson’s. 
“He so hates to have his pic taken!  Runs when he catches me trying.  Such a silly boy!”
Photo 1: “Enjoying a little lounge chair time.”
Photo 2:  “Here’s another one.  Finally got him to stay and look at me for a sec.”

Talon at 1 year 6 months
“Here are pictures of our amazing boy. He is doing really, really well. Talon has really grown up in the last several months. It was like a switch was flipped! He just started understanding and getting in tune with our everyday activities and routines and he just continues to amaze us every day. Steve says, he just gets better and better every day. He is really in sync with Steve now, and goes everywhere he goes (which of course was what we were after).
Photos 1-4:  “Fun with the ball.”
Photo 5:  “Chilling out.”
Photo 6:  “As you might guess in the Bling picture – he does not like to have his picture taken.”
Photos 7-11:  “Of course, he still goes to our Rock Steady Boxing class (For Parkinson’s) 4 mornings a week and has come SO FAR there as well. He used to be pretty wigged out about all the noises, but now, nothing bothers him. We let him roam around the gym with us and he is usually by Steve as you saw in the pics, but when he is not, he goes to his place and just stays there. If someone else, comes in the gym, I will leash him so he can’t roam around, and he is still just happy to stay on his place. Last week, the guy was there to check the fire alarm systems and Talon was on his place, on a leash, and I was in a place where I could not see him. The lights and loud voice started as part of this test, and I looked at Coach, who could see Talon, and I said what is he doing and he said nothing! Just lying there with his head up and alert.”
Photos 12-14:  “Our continued training with Carol has been a really, really good thing for both Steve and Talon. I think I mentioned, he goes to Carol’s facility one morning a week, for Doggy play time, and then we go back after lunch for a training session. It works really well, as he has burned off all that baby GSD energy, has a rest and then is ready to focus. So it is a win for all of us. We don’t have friends with dogs, so not a lot of opportunity for him to get the play time and socialization – so this has worked out great. Steve is having radiation for his cancer, and Talon goes to Oncology with us every day.  He is a Rock Star – and a “chick magnet!!”  All the women just love him!!! He can’t go in the back with Steve, so he stays out front with me, and since he is not technically working for Steve at the time, the few people that come in for their treatment are so happy to see him, I figure if he can give them a minute of pleasure and a smile, by saying hello to them, he is performing a service, even if it is not for Steve.  Oh my goodness, do they LOVE him out there and he is the best boy ever. Friday the office manager told our nurse, who shared with us, “Now, that is a good service dog!” So proud of him!!! I that’s all I can think of at the moment J We get compliments on how handsome he is everywhere we go and what an amazing, calm GSD baby he is. People are just so impressed with him – SO big kudos to you Grandma, on all your kids, but especially our boy!!  We Love Him So Much!!! ” 
Photo 15:  “I thought you would love to see his soft, gentle face.”

Roxanne (Celhaus Turn On Your Red Light Roxanne) at 1 year 8 months
Roxanne is a Search & Rescue Dog
Photo 1:  “Water work today!  She absolutely loved the boat!”
Photo 2:  “Roxanne checking out an old dugout during a search.”

Roxanne at 1 year 7 months
“Such a nice line. I brought Roxanne to a career high school last week and talked about SAR dogs.  She was so wonderful with everyone, and we did a demonstration of her work.  She easily went from love mode to work drive.  So neutral with other dogs and easy in unfamiliar situations.”
Photo 1:  Showing off her bling collar outdoors.
Photos 2-3:  “Helicopter training with Roxanne today with the SAR team.”

Roxanne at 1 yr 5 months
4/5/22:  “Today Roxanne got another human remains certification. This one is for wilderness searches.  She is such a nice girl to work with and she is such an honest work girl.  Thank you for having such an incredible breeding program.”
3/24/22:  “Lovely Roxanne had her first job looking for human remains today.  There was nothing there, but everyone LOVED her.”

“In the photo, she is sporting her new collar.  Those are blingy rhinestones.  We had it made for her after she got her Human Remains Detection certification.  I promised her a handcrafter Paco collar when she certified…she certified 2 weeks later.  Apparently she likes her bling. Such a princess!”

Kellan (Celhaus Truehearted Kellan) at 1 year 9 months
“’I know she will give me some popcorn if I just wait.’  He does that a lot even when I don’t have food.”

Kellan (Celhaus Truehearted Kellan) at 1 year 8 months
“Kellan is doing great doing scent work. This was from today. He’s focused. His tracking is great too. Yesterday I took him with to one my advanced dogs training. Someone didn’t show so I asked if I could work him too. He did as well as the others.   He plays ball every time I sit in the chair – one ball in his mouth, while the other gets pushed around with either his foot or the ball in this mouth. So much for sitting and relaxing for a few minutes.  I decided to enter Kellan in a USCSS Nosework trial host by a friend of mine. I knew it would be organized and I had trialed at the site last fall with Blair. I knew it would be a good trial for him to start at.  He had 4 elements, vehicles, containers, interior and exterior. He did a Super job, very focused even when he start his vehicle search and someone started using a chainsaw on the other side of some bushes. Maybe 20 ft away. Did not phase him. He qualified in all the elements and got his Detection Dog Novice title. Not only did he get his title, he got 3rd in containers and 4th on vehicles out of 20 dogs. Very proud of my boy!  One the judges said she loved watching him work.”

Kellan at 1 year 7 months
Kellan’s first AKC Scentwork  trial. Worst trial I have ever been to. Very unorganized. Very long and hot day. But he did well.  I just entered him in containers and he had 2 runs.  ON the 2nd run he got a 3rd place. So proud of him.

Lucca (Celhaus Thankful in Montana) at 1 year 7 months
Name Story:  Lucca is a Military Service K9 who was trained to locate EIDs.  Top Dog is a book about her, written by her main and second handlers.  She was adopted by her main handler after an injury forced her retirement.

“Hiding behind my lunch bag.”

Kaia (Celhaus Trinity) at 1 year 7 months

Kaia at 1 year 6 months
Kaia at 1 year 3 months
“Kaia watching it snow.”

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