XX Litter

XX Litter
Whelped 7/11/22:  one black and tan male
“Degen” (Celhaus Xcellent Hope) went to North Carolina to compete in Schutzhund and to search for invasive plants.
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Degen (Celhaus Xcellent Hope) at 24 weeks

“This year we opted to do a several-day vacation in Asheville, joined by friends from PA (Asheville photo). We were not yet comfortable leaving Degen in a boarding kennel as we did with Chipper and Kooper, so into the car he went. Road trip!  Of course, between his inaugural haul back East and the handful of trips to Virginia, he could not have been easier on the road. I was less sure about staying in an apartment in downtown Asheville, adding a bit of suspense over potty trips. He was (or we were) perfect on that front, proving “responsive” when walked to available bits of grass and frozen dirt.  Degen was also quite calm while in his crate in the apartment. That was handy as it got quite cold while we were there. I didn’t want to leave him in a cold car for very long.”

Degen at 22 weeks
“Kitchen help.”

Degen at 21 weeks
“Defending our house from a murder…of crows.”

Degen at 20 weeks
Photo 1:  “Catching rays.  Now at 55.2#”
Photo 2:  “Trying to get a side shot.  He’s always moving or lying down and typically facing me.”
Photo 3: “Finally a side view.”

Degen at 19 weeks
“52.2# yesterday.  Happy Thanksgiving!”

Degen at 17 weeks
“Chilling in the dog yard. 47# yesterday.”