Berakah and Hesed Snow Play March 12 2020

Berakah and Hesed Playing in a Spring Snow
March 12, 2020
Berakah is 11 years 3 months old; Hesed is 5 years 1 month old

On March 12th we awoke to one of those incredibly beautiful snowfalls where every blade of grass was covered with real-life flocking.  I grabbed my camera and photographed all the dogs during their ball sessions.  As usual, Berakah & Hesed were the first session.  They are the only ones who insist on having their ball sessions together.  First I throw the ball for Berakah and Hesed chases her.  Hesed, being quite a big younger, can outrun Berakah and usually gets to the ball and waits for Berakah to get it, then races her back to me.  Then Berakah trades for her Kong-on-a-Rope and chases Hesed, who drops the ball at or on top of my feet as I do poop detail.  I either pick it up and throw it or kick it, depending on where we are, but I’m too busy with the poop bucket and shovel to try to also take photos.


Berakah and Hesed


If you look at these pages in order, you will see how the light intensifies and the snow crystals disappear.  It was a fun photographic challenge and I’m pleased I got some good photos.  Enjoy!!

Next I photographed Spirit

Then I realized the clouds were breaking up, the sun was coming out and soon the crystal world would be gone.  So I changed the usual order of ball sessions so as to get photos of the dogs of which I am writing books for the kids in the Reading Dog program.


Then I went back to the usual play order: