JJ Litter

JJ Litter Photos
Quasi bred to Soleil
(who is from the GG litter), whelped 12/20/15
Mr. Blue (Riker) went to southern Colorado for Search & Rescue; Mr. Green (Connor) stayed here in Sheridan to train for Search & Rescue; Mr. Sparkle (Ruger) went to Utah for Search & Rescue; Mr. Red (Charis) went to northern Colorado for obedience, herding, tracking and agility competition and to be a therapy dog. Miss Pink (Jamboree) stayed in Sheridan, is a service dog and is competing in agility and nosework. I kept Miss Purple (Celhaus Jubilee Year of Mercy) for breeding, nose work and agility competition and therapy dog work.  See Mercy’s page.
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Jamboree (Celhaus Jamboree to Celebrate Life) at 6 years 9 months
“New photos from Reading Dog sessions.”

Charis (NN Celhaus Johann RAE TC ATD) at 7 years
“Charis using his ‘eat’ button.”
Cel’s note:  Charis has been learning to talk by pushing a button to make it say the word for what he wants to do.  See an explanation.

Riker (Celhaus Jeghbe’ tlh Inganpu) at 7 years 2 months
Name Story: It means “Never Quit”, from Startrek)
Riker is a Search & Rescue dog in NW Wyoming.  They are members of Jackson Hole Search Dogs.  Riker is field-certified in wilderness, live find and recovery (land cadaver). 
Photo 2: 
“Little guy helped me teach “winter safety” to about a hundred elementary school kids. He was amazingly patient with the chaotic kiddos and did a great job knocking out 17 different search demonstrations. Very proud of the little beastie. #preventativesarprogram #hugatree #k9life

Jamboree at 6 years 5 months
“Sundance Elementary School had an awards assembly on May 28th. Jamboree was asked if she could carry the literacy reading program medals around her neck as achievement laminated program certificates, which included Jamboree’s picture, were handed out to both classes.  Afterwards, she received hugs from students, parents, and teachers, all saying how much their children loved the reading program and Jamboree.  One student cried as he hung on to her ‘I love you, Jamboree, and I’m really going to miss you this summer. ‘”

Ruger (Celhaus Justice Ruger)
Ruger is a Search & Rescue Dog in Utah and has the following certifications:  
Wilderness Air Scent (recovery), Tri-state Shoreline, NASAR K9 SARTECH III, Tri-State level II Cadaver, NASAR Canine Avalanche Responder.  He also has his AKC Canine Good Citizen title.  Good job, guys!!!

Ruger’s owner sent a flash drive of photos from the day they took him home until recently.
I created a special page for them.
Charis at 6 years 2 months
“The first photo is of Charis trying to look like he is NOT in Ruger’s bed. In the other, he is gazing longingly at Ruger’s food. You can’t see it, but he is sitting next to his own empty bowl, which he just finished. Silly boy!”

Charis at 6 years 1 month
“I must tell you about Charis. In February the Denver airport is doing something called a puppy love parade. They asked that some of us with bigger dogs come down to shoot a promo video for it, so Charis & I went. There were seven of us & Charis was the chosen one.  The photographer strapped a harness & a GoPro camera on him & had us just go about our visiting.  Charis did so, totally ignoring the harness & camera, which was on his back. After a while the photographer moved the camera onto Charis’ chest, (dog’s eye view, I suppose) & again he totally ignored it. He’s funny about being petted on his head – he even ducks away from us sometimes – but he gave his paw to lots of people & “talked” to them, to their delight. He also posed for still shots, nice sit, ears erect. The photographer loved him. I can hardly wait to see the video! Here are a couple of pictures I got. I wanted you to know, so you can be as proud of our big boy as I am.”

Riker at 6 years 10 months
Photos 1-3: “Road tripping adventures.”
Photo 4:  “Testing out the swing set to make sure it’s safe for the nephew.”
Photos 5-6:  “Training and earning reward tugs on searches.”

Riker at 6 years 4 months
“Riker got the opportunity to try flying commercial airlines for training in Texas this winter. He handled it really well.”  
Photo 1:  “Riding in the baggage cart from the Rental lot to check in.”
Photo 2:  “The expression on his face with his very first take-off. He was a little worried at first and then settled right in.”
Photo 3:  “Watching the world go by.”
Photo 5:  An undated photo of Riker from a SAR training that was on Ruger’s flash drive.

 Jamboree at 6 years 4 months
Photos 1-3: “Jamboree had fun helping with math skills yesterday with the Sundance Elementary special needs class.”
Photos 4-9:  “Jamboree greeted and visited with over 100 children at the Visitation and Advocacy Center’s annual Mother’s Day Bazaar booth, held May 7th at the Gillette Camplex from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.  She generally lies flat on her side so several kids can pet her at the same time. Belly rubs are the best, you know.  VAC staff gave out hand-decorated bars of soap so the kids could give them as Mother’s Day present.”

Jamboree at 6 years 2 months
“Jamboree picking books for her readers at Reading Dog.”