Quinta Pups

Quinta Puppies

X Litter (sired by Caz, whelped January 29, 2007)
AA Litter (sired by Chaos, whelped 11/25/08)
EE Litter (sired by Chaos, whelped 5/21/10)
CC Litter (sired by Kway vom Posthorn SchH3 KKL1a, whelped 11/3/09).
CC litter background information
CC litter pedigree
My Lively (Celhaus Celebrate Life) was from the CC litter. 
I lost her on September 9, 2023.  We miss our matriarch.  See her Goodbye page.

Josie (Celhaus Easy Does It) at 13 years 10 months
Josie was an Avalanche Dog at a ski resort in Jackson Hole until her retirement.  She’s also a great family dog.
““Today, creeping up on 14…”  Go, Josie, go!!!!

Josie at 13 years and more
Photo 1:  “Josie had a great 13th birthday celebration.”
Photo 2:  “Living her best life!”
Photo 3:  “She still has it for 13+.  We love her so much!”
Photo 4:  “I started Josie on Rimadyl and it’s working great!  So, I took her to the hill today to hang out in her old stomping grounds and see some old friends. She’s doing great!  Happy Thanksgiving!”

Josie at 12 years 9 months
“She still has the booty drive… hoarding.”

Josie at 12 years 6 months
“Big dog is happy and healthy this fall.”

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