Glory Too

Celhaus Gift of Glory ATD

“Glory Too”


photos at 4 years 4 months

favorite photos from birth

whelped 6/7/2014

Passed Therapy Dog certification with TDInc (now Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Inc) in December 2014

OFA Degenerative Myelopathy:  GS-DM3153/6F-PI-CAR

OFA Thyroid:  GS-TH719/46F-VPI (2017)

OFA Eye:  GS-EYE108/39F-VPI

OFA Hips Good:  GS-93516G28F-VPI

OFA Elbow:  GS-EL32026F24-VPI

OFA Cardiac:  GS-CA1434/30F/P-VPI

free of EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency), von Willebrands & hemophilia (bleeding disorders) at 30 months

CHIC (Canine Health Information  Center) DNA Repository:  GS-DNA-361/S

UKC Nosework titles:  PTN, PTA, PTS, PTM, PTE, Advanced Exterior, Novice Containers

Glory passed her PT1 & PT2 tests in June 2014.  This made her eligible to compete for serious nose work titles, but there weren’t any trials until summer 2015.  The reason is that UKC (United Kennel Club) took over nose work competition from United Nosework (the group which created this new canine sport) on July 1, 2014.  They took the next six months to enter all the United Nosework titles into their own system.  When there was finally a trial in our area in 2016, GloryToo had puppies, so it was 2017 before she can try for any titles.  In May she passed 4 pre-tests and Novice Exterior; in October she passed the final pre-test and received her Advanced Exterior and Novice Container titles.  She is also training in obedience and tracking, and is waiting for new rally and Canine Good Citizen classes to begin so that she can work towards those titles.  Glory Too is from the fifth generation of my female line.  She is from the GG litter of 2014 (Lively bred to Chaos) and is named after her great-great-grandmother, whose call name was Glory.  Her great-grandmother was Jubilee, and her grandmother was Quinta.  She has beautiful conformation and is naturally athletic.


Glory Too is a very serious dog who is always thinking.  She loves to train and picks things up very quickly.  After her  puppy kindergarten class, she participated in a puppy rally class before beginning what is her obviously favorite one: nose work.  She really likes to use her nose and is a naturally methodical searcher and has begun tracking.