(Justice for All von Blumental CGC, ATD)
sire of the ZZ litter
Whelped 6/4/21
shown at 22 months

OFA hips:  prelims fair; 
OFA Elbow prelims:  good
official hip/elbows x-rays will be done, plus PennHip in June after he turns 2
OFA Cardiac:  GS-BCA538/18M/P-VPI
OFA Thyroid:  GS-TH1096/22M-VPI
OFA DM (spinal myelopathy) free:  GS-DM12021/3M-PI
free of bleeding disorders (vonWillebrand’s and hemophilia)
TLI Test normal at 18 months (free of EPI – Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency)
See Justice, 10 weeks old, visiting the Alzheimer’s Unit
See Justice, 12 weeks old, visiting Westview Healthcare Center
See Justice, 14 weeks old, with fun new toys
See Justice, 15 weeks old, visiting the Alzheimer’s Unit again
See Justice at 5 months
See Justice, 7 months old, at morning playtime
See Justice, 7 months old, playing with thirteen-week-old Varoom!
See Justice at 22 months
See Justice at 16 months

Justice passed his Canine Good Citizen test in August, and his therapy dog test in September.  He is now a certified therapy dog and has begun visiting the nursing homes!  Good boy, Justice.

8/16/21:  On Monday, August 9th, I decided it was time to start the search for a male pup who would grow up to be my new stud dog, especially for Cantor daughters and granddaughters.  The search usually takes months, so I was amazed the next day to get an email from Clarissa Negaard in Belgrade, MT, whose dog Toby I tried to breed Mercy to in June (and failed).  Toby was the sire of Spirit’s first litter (the MM litter).  

Clarissa told me that she had a litter by Toby, continuing two males, that was 9 weeks old.  Toby is getting old so I thought this might be an option to get a pup out of him in case again trying to breed Mercy to him in December is unsuccessful.  

The mother of this litter (her J litter), was Ghidorah, whom she brought to Cantor to be bred a couple of years ago.  So I know both parents and had already had a chance to study their pedigrees.  Amazing!

My Search & Rescue tester (Bonnie) lives very close to Clarissa and agreed to test the two males.  She observed the whole litter Wednesday afternoon (August 11) when Clarissa took them to a friend’s antique store (brave owner!).  Thursday night she tested the two males in the litter. I was really wanting a sable this time around.  The sable male tested exceptionally well, and after a lengthy phone conversation with Bonnie, I decided to take him. 

I drove to Belgrade and picked him up Friday (August 13th, the day he turned 10 weeks old).  I got some good photos the next day at our early morning ball sessions.  He got to play with toys for the first time and had a great time.  And he even retrieved.  Well, he didn’t retrieve to hand but headed straight to me and dove under my chair with the toys, and that’s fine for the beginning.  I let him happily possess and investigate the toys and then, when he let go, threw them again.  I thought he did pretty good because I was throwing Hopeful’s Kong-on-a-Rope at the same time I was throwing his soft disc, and at the next session throwing Spirit’s ball with the ChuckIt while he retrieved the ball.

He was super stressed the first two days I had him but by today (Monday) was comfortable here and starting to learn our routine – and to quit screaming in his crate, thank goodness.  He has started clicker training, is learning his name, is working on potty training and accepting restraint, especially for nail trimming.  Pretty soon he’ll learn to enjoy learning and then we’ll start nosework training – and leash training so that I can get him out to socialize.  We’re having extreme heat warning and dangerous air quality from the regional wildfires, so trips will wait for a couple of days until those warnings abate.    

Thanks, Clarissa, for what seems to be a pup with LOTS of potential (https://www.facebook.com/Valleyoftheflowersgsd).

Justice’s pedigree
(I HATE the changes WordPress made so that the margins are so tiny.  If you want to see the pedigree in a decent format, email me, [email protected])

See Justice’s Search and Rescue Test Results

Justice the first morning here (10 weeks)

Justice at 9 weeks

Justice at 7 weeks

Justice at 5 weeks

Sire:  Ulysses of Sapphire Mountain Montana Search & Rescue Cadaver 2 & Trailing 1, BH, FH2, CGC, TD, TDX, H.O.T. (hander owner trained) (Toby)

Dam:  Ghidorah of Sapphire Mountain, BH (Ghidorah)