WW Litter

WW Litter
Lovely bred to Cantor 
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This is a repeat of the RR and TT litters 
Whelped 1/16/22:  2 black and tan females and 1 black male
Miss Green (now “Shiloh”) went to Colorado for competition and therapy dog work.  Miss Pink (now “Rainey”) went to Utah for therapy dog work.  Mr. Purple (now “Porter”) stayed here and, as a therapy dog, will help his owner in his counseling work.  

Shiloh (Celhaus Wind in Wyoming) at 11 months
“She takes the magnets off the refrigerator.  And then just sets them on the ground.  She started chewing one; I told her not to, so she set it on the ground and just looked at me.  Now when she thinks she isn’t getting enough attention she will go and start taking one off just to see if she will get me to check on her.  Not sure what that is about but she isn’t taking the ornaments off the tree now.  She is way too smart!  She keeps me on my toes.  I adore her.”

Shiloh at 9 months
“This is going to be another brag email. Honestly, I can’t help it. Shiloh is an awesome girl. She enjoys intermediate obedience and she picks up new exercises so quickly. She sometimes forgets what we are doing because she gets distracted but she is only 9 months old. She is getting so much better on the leash. She has started ignoring squirrels which is great. She is doing better at ignoring other dogs. Sometimes she still has to pull toward other dogs but it is less and less often. She is starting to sit when she meets people and stay sitting even when they invitingly bend right over her.  She doesn’t sleep in her crate anymore. I can leave her out when we aren’t home too, at least for a couple hours. She never has accidents in the house. She is happy to be with us. And she isn’t bouncing all over the house like a crazy dog. She really is very self-possessed. She has a funny teasing side to her that is hard to explain, except that I have seen you mention it on your website.  She is now barking to go for a walk. We weren’t able to go earlier because of appointments. Needless to say, we love her more every day.
Photo 1: “My beautiful girl.”
Photo 2: ““My best girl!  We start Rally classes tonight for the show in January.””

Shiloh at 8 months
We had a lot of fun in Iowa, she finally had the freedom to be completely off leash. I love that she doesn’t want to go far and checks in all the time.  In Iowa, she met my 6-and-8 -year-old nephews. It was the first time she had been around kids that age since I have had her. She loved them and played well with them. They have dogs so they weren’t afraid of her either. She is becoming that companion who can go anywhere with me. And she still has a mind completely her own. I can’t say enough about her.  We are starting our intermediate obedience training Oct 6th. I am going to have her ready for the show in January. I think we will just start with Rally.  Shiloh is an amazing girl. And my husband is starting to talk about getting another dog.
Photo 1:  off-leash freedom
Photo 2:  “Shiloh watches out the window every evening for Brian to come home from work.”
Photo 4:  “Shiloh doesn’t like the traffic in Ft. Collins.”
Photos 5-6:  “Shiloh and I were training in the park today.  She is getting good at walking on a loose leash.  We started intermediate obedience last night and have a lot to work on.  The last 3 weeks of the class are going to be rally focused.”

Porter (Celhaus Wyoming’s Pitch Black Porter) at 9 months
Porter lives with Echo from the PP litter.
Photo 4: “He sure loves fetch!”
Porter 5: “Relaxing like a gentleman.”

Rainey (Celhaus Walk Beside Me Rain or Shine) at 10 months

“Cat napping on the stairs.  Such a silly girl!  Rainey’s doing great. She gets a little amped up at times so we’re still working on impulse control. For the most part she’s great. She’s still incredibly sweet and is friends with everyone. Last week we went to visit the boys at Vic’s work and a few of them said she made them feel better with our visit. The boys said things are a lot different since Vic has been gone – a lot more stress for them. The manager of that store said just having her there and interacting with her for a while really reduced his stress and asked if I could bring her again. Of course I said I would.  She’s such a good girl.

“My nephew was here Sunday for dinner and found a lot of comfort while interacting with her. He does IT security and asked if I can bring her to his work one Wednesday to visit with his coworkers. I plan on taking her the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. She’s truly a special girl and I feel blessed to have her. She’s also very goofy. That may be part of her charm.”

On 10/27:  Rainey’s doing great. Tomorrow is my last day at work and the staff is going to really miss her, probably more than me. She seems to be the go-to when things get stressful. She loves the attention.  Surprisingly enough she’s not going to be a large dog. She’s probably about the size of Mercy. She’s crazy fast when she runs but needs more room to run full speed. I’m looking for a safe place to let her off leash and have more room. 

Rainey at 8 months
Here are some photos of her playing with a Cavalier puppy, Benny.  In the last one, she was sharing her breakfast with Benny.

Rainey at 7 months
“Rainey did great at her scent class tonight. She’s learning what “Seek” means. Each of her trainers are very impressed with how well she’s doing, and how sweet she is.  She has a little friend from work named Wolfgang, a tiny Pomeranian.  He was found in a dumpster.  I bet he doesn’t weigh 5 pounds. I’m amazed at how gentle she plays with him.  He and her owner are coming over for a play date. I’ll get some pictures of them playing together. Rainey has become our hospital comfort dog. When she’s laying in my office doorway, she becomes a magnet for the staff. They always come to her for loves, pets and kisses. She’s very generous with all of them. She’s coming along great with her training. We’re working on long stays, wait and “gentle”.  She’s perfect for me.”
Photos 1-3:  “Rainey and Hailey are special buddies at work,”
Photo 4:  “First time leaving her behind and she knows something’s up.”

Rainey at 6 months
“My kids brought breakfast over this morning to share memories of Vic.  Today would have been our 39th anniversary.  Rainey felt the impulse to hold hands with my son, Alan.  Rainey seems to have a lot of intuitive instincts. She always gravitates towards those who need her attention. Today has been tough for all of us, but especially for my son.”

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