Lively (Celhaus Celebrate Life TDInc.)

mother of the FF Litter, whelped 3/4/12

one of the CC litter, (Quinta bred to Kway), whelped 11/3/09

Therapy Dog, registered with Therapy Dogs Incoroprated

Be sure to look at the photos of Lively visiting nursing homes at the age of 5 and 6 weeks!


OFA Thyroid:  GS-TH501/71F-VPI

OFA Eyes:  GS-EYES56/82F-VPI 

CERF:  GS-351116 (through 2012).  OFA took over eye certifications in 2013.

OFA Degenerative Myelopathy:  GS-DM468/5F-PI-CAR

OFA Hips:  GS-85482F24F-VPI

OFA Elbows:  GS-EL26513F24-VPI

OFA Cardiac:  GS-CA1001/39F/P-VPI

free of EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) at 24 months

free of Von Willebrands & hemophilia (bleeding disorders)

PennHip:  60th percentile

CHIC (Canine Health Information  Center) DNA Repository:  GS-DNA-359/S


Be sure to see Lively’s page of agility photos!  And nosework photos!!!!

I usually don’t begin competing in agility with my dogs before they’re two, but a NADAC trainer and judge, Sunny Williams, decided to have some evening mini-trials in August 2011 and I thought they’d be great show experience for Lively, even though she was only 21 months old.  The first one consisted of two TouchNGo classes.  Lively blew a discrimination on the first one (very common in new dogs) but nailed the second class and got her first Q.  She even beat Chaos & Berakah, who missed discriminations in both classes.  The second mini-trial consisted of two Tunnelers classes, and all three of my dogs Q’d both times – we came home with 6 Q’s for the evening.  Lively decided she, like Berakah, liked competing, so I entered her in the Labor Day trial in Gillette.  I had to work one of the four days but we went the other three.  Lively had 5 Q’s out of 6 classes the first day, leaving me with my mouth open in astonishment.  She had 3 Q’s out of 6 classes the second day, and 3 Q’s out of 4 classes on the last day.  When the dust cleared, she had achieved her Novice Regular & Tunnelers classes plus a leg each towards her Outstanding titles, as well as a Chances Q, two Jumpers Q’s, and two TouchNGo Q’s, an amazing haul for a beginner dog.

Lively began trialing in Nose Work in 2014.  She has her PT1, PT2, Novice Exterior1 and Novice Exterior 2 (Advanced) titles.

Lively at 12 weeks