Celhaus Jubilee CD NA CGC TDInc

(7/19/98 – 11/20/12)

Jubilee’s temperament test results
Goodbye, Jubilee

Health Award Certificate of Recognition from the German Shepherd Dog Club of America

Member of the Thirteen Club of the GSDCA (a Mary Roberts Longevity Program)

OFA hips “good”: GS-59461G24F-T
OFA elbows:  GS-EL11496-T
OFA Thyroid:   GS-TH115/80F-PI
OFA Cardiac:  GS-CA00122/40F-PI
CERF:  GS-767/2002–48
von Willebrand’s & Hemophilia free
TLI Normal (free of EPI, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency)

OFA Degenerative Myelopathy:  GS-DM161/129F-PI-CAR

Certified as a Therapy Dog with Therapy Dogs Incorporated (now Alliance of Therapy Dogs)
Canine Good Citizen

Jubilee is great-great-great-grandmother to Lovely’s pups (RR, TT, WW, XX, YY & AAA litters) and Mercy’s pups (QQ, UU & ZZ litters).She is great-great-grandmother to the JJ litter from Soleil; LL, NN & SS litters from GloryToo and the MM & PP litters from Spirit).  She is the great-grandmother of the FF, GG, HH, ii & KK litters from Lively); grandmother (Quinta had 4 litters, her older full sister, Rogue, had two litters plus my Y Litter was sired by their brother, Timber); and of course the mother of the J M, N Q & V litters.  


Jubilee is a Glory daughter.  Glory was my favorite dog of all time.

Agility:  Jubilee finished her AKC Novice Standard Agility title with two first place wins.  She has two legs on her AKC Novice Standard Preferred title (jumping 20″ instead of the regular 24″), taking 2nd & 4th places.  She also has two AKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves legs, taking 1st place both times.  In NADAC competitions, she has 1 Regular leg, 1 Gambler’s leg, and 1 Touch-N-Go leg.  A back injury forced her retirement from jumping, but she’s still fine for normal activity.

Obedience:  Jubilee had her AKC Companion Dog title.

I have been very impressed with the dogs I’ve seen from the Andy Bildsaeule line. Andy was the Sieger of IDM for Police dogs (won the International Police Dog Championships) in 1985. I first encountered this bloodline through Brigitte Brighton in Arvada, Colorado (http://www.pcisys.net/~illertal), who owned an Andy grandson, Cliff, and an Andy granddaughter, Otti, both of whom were sired by Alf v. Pfaenderruecken. Alf sired 1998’s 2nd place dog in the Bundessiegerprufung, Nats vom der Bildsauele. Cliff, Otti, and a Cliff/Otti son, Levi, are impressive for their outgoing temperaments, steady nerves, and working ability. (Levi is thus a double Alf grandson and Andy great-grandson.) I really liked the litter he sired out of Glory in 1997 and wanted to continue in this bloodline, but I never thought I’d be able to breed to an Andy Bildsaeule son. However, vacation time coincided with Glory’s being in heat, and I drove 3758 miles round-trip to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to breed to a 10 year old Andy son, SG-Zaro v Dreibinkentrain SchH3 PH1, hips “a” normal.  Zaro was a gray sable with superb temperament. According to his owner, he was incredibly obedient and adaptable to any situation, loved children, and would defend his own. His outstanding hardness, high fighting drive and strong nerves showed especially in his uncompromising protection work. He was a Bavarian State Police Dog on active duty before being imported.  He is linebred on Racker v Itztal and Sam von Zell and See, and is a full brother (repeat litter) to Alf vom Pfaenderruecken (see Cliff, Otti & Levi) and to Amor v Pfaenderruecken who won the IDM for Police Dogs in 1991 & 1993. He was also a litter brother to Zeck, who placed 3rd in the International Police Dog championships in 1994 with a protection score of 100 points. Zaro sired police dogs as well as dogs who are did well in Schutzhund.

Unfortunately, after all that travel, Glory only had one puppy.  Thankfully, that pup was absolutely gorgeous, so I decided I had to keep her and see how she grew up.  Jubilee grew up very well indeed!  She had the typical love of life from the Andy line plus her mother’s impish humor, so she was quite a character. Jubilee was the most athletic and agile GSD I’ve ever known.  When she was just a pup she would jump into the back of a 3/4 ton pickup from which I was shoveling wood shavings, trudge to the top of the shavings pile, and get on top of the cab. She would climb, jump, drill through incredible obstacles to retrieve her toys (the favorite of which is the Frisbee).  She showed very nice drives, high intelligence and eager willingness to please. She trained well in obedience, agility and tracking. She had a habit of giving me a glance so full of interest and intelligence and joy in forming a team with me that I felt honored to have her.  On top of all this, she was gorgeous conformation-wise and had a absolutely beautiful head and expression. Jubilee lives up to her name because she was always ready for a celebration or a party.

Jubilee’s first litter (J Litter), sired by Droll, was whelped March 13, 2002.  Her second litter, sired by the SAR dog, Comanche, was whelped May 20, 2003.  Of the four pups in that litter, 3 went for Search and Rescue.  We repeated the M Litter in the fall of 2004 (Q Litter). Two of them went for SAR and I kept a female, Quinta.  Jubilee also had a litter sired by Caz (N Litter) and one by Mem’ry (V Litter).